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How effective to send buyer request by phone?

hello ,all members how do you feel to send buyer request from phone ? is it effective than a pc or not?

Communications with buyers outside the Fiverr platform is forbidden by Fiverr’s TOS, unless you need to make that contact to actually deliver the gig (and in most cases that’s not the case). So, since you are not actually providing a service when responding to a buyer request, approaching someone by phone isn’t allowed and can get your account suspended.

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I think that she might be asking about responding to buyers requests via phone vs. via PC, in which case the answer is: doesn’t matter, it’s all the same.


It is the same!

only thing is while sending request from PC you can keep various things in mind, or can copy a message template! In mobile its hard sometimes


thanks for your comment, i am not talking about contact out side of fiverr @paulmaplesden
i hope you understand my topic,:grinning:


when i use the phone for sending buyer request i marked the files which i will provide but when i check from pc on sent offers i saw that there was no marking item, why it happend?

Using fiverr with smartphone app is a cool experience. Not of my time I do with my smartphone. I feel easy replying and submitting request via smartphone.

thanks did u got any order by sending buyer request from phone? @smartgraphs

Yes. All of my orders are due to my smartphone. 3 hours ago I got a custom gig order while using sMy smartphone.

wow great thanks for your kind information,

Apologies for misunderstanding your topic, feel free to disregard my response :slight_smile: