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How else can I make it clear to contact me first?!

Hello! I guess it’s the cry of the soul, because I don’t know how else can I make it clear for the client to contact and message me first BEFORE placing an order?

I wrote it in my gig’s short description, full description, even in requirements in CAPSLOCK letters. But still at least once a month there is one client who orders the gig without contacting me first. And there are even returning clients and not newbies (who should know the rules of the platform after a couple or orders they alredy finished). Sometimes the client even asks for something I don’t offer in my gig! I have to cancel such orders and of course it affects badly my statistics.

Do you have such an experience? How do you cope with that (like in your actions and emotianally)? Thank you!

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You can certainly write something about contacting you first, on your gig description, however, Fiverr is not set up to require your buyers to do so. Fiverr is a retail services website. If a buyer sees what they want, they are encouraged to hire you on the spot. You, therefore, need to make sure the buyers that don’t want to contact you have all the information they need when they click the “buy now” button.

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