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How exactly does Fiverr rank gigs?

As a new seller, buyers aren’t exactly…abundant. My gigs are most likely buried under the mountain of others that are posted. Which brings me to my main question. How does Fiverr rank gigs? When I type in a few keywords, how does it determine what gigs are at the top of the page, and which ones are at the bottom? Is it determined by rating? By page views? By the amount of people that have purchased the service? Or by rank?

I do have a healthy want to optimize my gigs and for the first order to appear in my inbox, but at the same time… it really does make me curious.

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Hello, that question has been asked many times. I doubt if anyone has the answer although you may get some guesses and theories. There will be those who say that you need to have great reviews, a video, delivery fast, etc. but there are no rules as far as I can tell.

Sellers in the very best spots have less than 100% positive feedback, take days
to deliver their orders, don’t have videos, don’t do any promotion of their gigs at all, some even have many gigs all with the same picture, so there is no way to tell. Most do have at least 99% positive feedback, some do have some promotion outside of fiverr, and most deliver in 3 days at least, many do have videos, so those things probably help your odds of getting a high position.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Listen, you never know how a buyer will find you, what keywords he’ll use. Today someone searched gun and found my gun guest posting gig. If you want to stand out, I suggest creating a few niche gigs. Do what others refuse to do! A good example is adult work, gambling, payday loans, religion, politics, most don’t want to touch it.

From my research and trial and error, it appears tags & titles hold the most weight, as well as how big of sales you get in a short time-frame. I feel that bigger quotes play a factor in it, too. Some keywords are so over-saturated that you shouldn’t even try to use tags for them. For example using the tag “voiceover” is rather pointless as it’s an already established niche’. Do note also that it has specifically said that adding packages to your gig will help it rank better as well. A good example of experimenting with this is a keyword that doesn’t appear to have anyone really getting sales off of, it’s not in my title for my newest gig and I don’t show up anywhere on searches for it even though it’s in my tags.

I agree with everything you said! Nicely put!

Thank you madame. xx

Impressive answer. You have a very creative mind.

Wow, thanks for all of the responses! I’ve never really found an answer that satisfies me on this topic, so that’s why I posted this question… Thanks for answering! I’ll keep all of your suggestions in mind.

Thanks for responding! That’s a great idea!

Makes sense! Thanks for the answer.

I have a great interest in US politics, have been following US political blogs for a long time…do you think it would be a good idea to offer a niche gig on US political blog posts, or would buyers wouldn’t want to take a chance because of my Indian status? Political blogs are a big thing today, especially in the US, and to be fair I’ve been covering US politics for a while for a European website.

I think you would do well. In fact, if you’re an expert on liberal or conservative issues, I would do the appropriate blog:

Example: I will write a 500 Word CONSERVATIVE Blog Post.

If you’re just well-versed in politics, write POLITICAL instead of conservative.

Or you can do: I will write a 500 Word Blog about US Politics

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Thank you, you’re very kind. :slight_smile:

Ooops, I responded in the wrong place. My bad.

Great idea, thanks! This sounds good to me: I will write a 500 Word Blog about US Politics

thanks hope i can increase my sales

If there was a secrete charm to gett me ranked highest on Fiverr, please let ,e know. I will purchase that for $5bucks