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How exactly does this referral system work?

I saw on “Invite Friends” page that if you invite a friend to fiverr, an if he joins fiverr through that referral link, you’ll get $5 for every $10 he spends. What does this mean? I have some friends that I invited, but I’m not getting any money from their expenses. These orders have not yet completed though. Is there anyone who has got any money from this? If so, please comment.

And also, how can the free gig be ordered? Does it have to be ordered from the collection given, because just any gig won’t work.


where is the “invite friends” page? sounds like a nice feature…

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I have successfully used the REF system and earned the $5 bonus and 3 sales from it. I sent a free gig to someone. They in turn signed up on fiverr collected the free gig from someone on fiverr and when they spent there first $10, after the freebie, which was with me actually, I earned an additional $5 from their $10, though they spent another after that, as well Anyway, that’s how it works, and it does work.

The referral worked for me the first time I used it.

The link to use it is here

Reply to @cybergatis: It’s in the drop down list along with My Orders, My Sales, Profile etc. :slight_smile:

Reply to @michelltech: Did you get the money as soon as they ordered, oh did you have to wait until those orders were complete?

Also, when using the free gig, can we order any gig we want? Or just the ones from the collection they give?

My friend ordered several gigs (not from the collection) but they say the Free Gig button is still there and that they had to pay for it

Reply to @danindu001:

Reply to @glowindia: Wow. You don’t have that in your menu, I don’t know why that is. You should ask the fiverr CS.

I did not find the option of invite friends in my account.

Is this for selected peoples only or there is a problem.

Let me know.


Reply to @iqbalsheikh: You can invite friends here:

Reply to @glowindia: Actually you can do it here:

@danindu001 Hmmm… That’s a good idea…

I think I will try it… Not bad :slight_smile:

What do you think guys?

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I think it’s worth a try :slight_smile: I am on it now :slight_smile:




This link send me to the home page.

In my Menu I haven’t the option for “invite friends” or to see some referral stats, etc.

Maybe some fiverr support team can tell us how to join the referral?


I think referral program of fiverr is not functional now?

referral program not working…

Hello, ive been trying this feature.
I click on the fiverr referral program link and it opens up my fiverr page.
Can anyone give me a full detail on where i can get my link?

it redirects you to fiverr community how did you do that please tell us

The “invite friends” button just takes me to the homepage, and it is not in my drop down.
Does it mean this does not work?


Really Help full information Thanks we will keep in min. :slight_smile:


Really it is very nice. I will be in my mind,


I got 2 referrals.
One referal ordered more than $50 but still not credited to my account
One referral ordered 1 gig.

But both earnings was not credite to my account.
Whom should i contact about this


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