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How exciting was your first sale on Fiverr?


How was your first sale on Fiverr? Did you get that 5 star review or did you have to go back to the drawing board?


I created my Fiverr account a few years back just to see what it is. I created my first gig just 4 months back and got my first order in around a week or so. If felt so good and encouraging to have a order in hand :innocent:. Not only I got a 5 star review but I also got a 25$ tip on my 30$ order and a buyer that gave me 2 more orders.

That’s how my journey started. :smile:


Woah! That was an extraordinary experience.
I remembered my first sale @2 hours ago today bcoz He just said “Hi” to me. and now here again. :smiley:

Hell Yeah! +got 4 more orders in a row from Him :wink:


That is exciting!:smile: I just love success stories!


I was really excited when I got my first order. The experience was great and I got a five-star rating, which only added to the excitement. Communicating with your first client is an experience you’re sure to remember.

I can still recall their name!


Made account just for fun, put a gig and got an order next day after creating account. Delivered it in time. Buyer didn’t say anything, didn’t review it and disappeared like a vagabond…


Okaerinasai #Zeeshan :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: