How fair is the Resolution Center?


Does the resolution center favor Top Buyers?


That question is too broad for anyone here to possibly answer. Every situation is unique.

Are you asking with regard to a specific situation?


I have a certain client. I’ve been working on his order and providing him a lot more than he paid for. But he’s never satisfied even though work is great. Knowing the kind of client he was I gave him an option to tell me whenever whatever is wrong, and I’d make it okay right away. He asked me to post 12 articles, one every 2 days. I did so for 6 articles and after that he asked me to deliver all at once. So it took me 3 days to write 6 of them that were left. Now that I’ve delivered all of them he won’t accept the order. Keeps asking for revisions and says he won’t accept the because I didn’t post every 2 days and that he didn’t like the work (even tho I crafted it over and over according to his requirements). I even made the delivery 14 days earlier.


Why are you copying your own post?


I’ve rarely use the forum. I replied without quoting so I copied the reply, deleted that reply, quoted the comment I wanted to reply to and then pasted it there. I don’t know why it got pasted 3 times lol


The resolution center is useless to me. Can’t even modify feedback anymore.


Feedback as a buyer?


Resolution center favors buyers in general, top or bottom, doesn’t matter.