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How far the TOP is?

I’m running my gigs for more than 2 years with 98% Positive Rating. I’ve completed 534 sales and 14 were mutually cancelled. It took me 2-3 months to reach Level 2, but after that 2 years passed by but I have not reached Top-Level.

I’ve seen many with same public stat in top level, so I was thinking should I have to contact Fiverr to get in notice or I will never reach Top-Level with my stat, if so than why?


Hmm. That means its still blur…

@checkmyweb I’ve seen a number of threads about this topic in my time here (18 months) & the answer is: there is no one answer. Even TRS’s don’t always have a clear explanation for why they suddenly got the designation. But what kjblynx says seems to be the general consensus. The Fiverr editors ultimately make the decision & probably want gigs that are professionally presented & therefore represent Fiverr well, generate a decent amount of sales at a fairly steady pace, are unusual or unique in some way. Also, TRS’s tend to write constructive, helpful forum posts & participate in the Fiverr community. But since this doesn’t always describe all TRS’s, it’s really difficult to say what the formula is, exactly. I imagine bad-mouthing Fiverr or being snarky to other members probably isn’t a quality they’re looking for, no matter how many sales generated, and I’ve heard of people writing to the editors, asking to be considered for TRS & not getting it, so there you have it. Your guess is as good as anybody else’s!

That means it’s not easy to became top seller

Reply to @seo_teams: You’d be correct in that assumption. I’ve got a 100% rating, and have sold many gigs over my period of time here with Fiverr. I’ve only got 2 negative feedbacks - the latest one from over a year ago. I’ve been a Level 2 since they instituted levels…

I’ve still yet to be designated a TRS, although several of my clients have inquired why I have yet to be tapped for one. Personally, I just do my job and, if they reward me with it,so be it. If not, no skin of my nose. I’m tired of aiming for it. I’m just going to focus on my clients’ material and if I happen to wake up to the email one morning… then yippee and, if I never do, well, the clients’ satisfaction is well enough for me. They’re the reason why I make the payments on my car, pay back my student loans and feed my family. They are what I need to focus on; not some designation Fiverr gives out willy-nilly.

That’s my two cents on the whole matter.

Reply to @bingbanners: your gigs look awesome, you really deserve a TRS, imho…