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How far would you compromise your political beliefs for an order?


I received a request for a custom offer for a testimonial (btw, I include the FTC disclosure in every testimonial). However, praise for a certain “recently sworn in world leader” was woven into the script and was unnecessary. This Buyer’s views were in direct opposition to mine and it put me in a compromising situation.

I diplomatically asked him for a new script citing this reason…Due to the violent nature of today’s political climate, I’ve made a point of not attaching my image and voice to anything political, even if it reflects my own personal views. It was the first time in my 30 year career that I had to take a professional stance on politics.

Here’s a little back story for you to consider — a few months prior to the election there was a fake news story circulating the internet about Clinton’s health and the “doctor” in the attached video was an actor I recognized from Fiverr. No FTC disclosure attached. It’s unknown if the actor was politically motivated, but what is known is that his morals were askew.

How far would you compromise your political beliefs for an order?


But to be fair, you have a good point. I would refuse to write an article or blog post opposed to my political or religious beliefs.


I will not do any kind of work that i am not comfortable with. Also i stay away from politics and donot mix with my work here. As politics is a controversial field and you should have to be neutral here. just do the work you are comfortable with.


I don’t do any kind of work related to something that I consider to be unethical, and I tend to stay away from politics.


That’s a great question. I suppose you need to separate it into 2 lines of thought. Let’s say if someone asked me to do work like holding up a banner and saying “All **** must die”, I would of course find that so patently offensive and destructive (as in could cause violence) I would immediately refuse.

On the other hand if it is nothing more than the typical political BS, I say be a professional and do the work. This election season I recorded both pro Hillary and pro Trump voice overs. It was not about Red or blue, it was about green. We are supposed to be professionals. If we forget that then we become no better than those intolerant jackwads who refuse to bake a cake for a same sex couple because we stand in judgement of other’s right to hold a differing opinion.

Tolerance. So in the end, praise for a candidate? Hell yes, no different than recording a commercial for fabric softener. Hate speech, never.

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Totally agree with you and maybe Fiverr should do the same?

Have you seen their recent FB posts?

If they bought their social media campaign on Fiverr, I think they should be demanding a refund!


I’ve seen their recent FB posts, and I have no problem with them. Staying away from politics when doing Fiverr work is my personal decision, not something that everyone else must do; what Fiverr does is up to them.


I recently got an order for a Logo design for some evil cult group. The buyer wanted me to encorporate some Satanist symbols in the Logo. The bad thing was that the buyer wanted me to add a certain tagline using the symbols and it meant that i have to research deeper into this shitty thing. I politely declined the offer. For some time i thought the buyer was going to cast some evil spell on me,lol if that had happend , i was going to order a gig for casting out evil spells for $5!


I wouldn’t make a video of a political nature or make remarks about it on a video personally. It’s not something that I would do for pay. My opinions are my own.


All comes down to personal opinion.

I’m usually happy to take money if they’re willing to pay me, but I haven’t had anything extremely to either side of an issue that would really make me consider whether or not I want to do it.

Anything overly praising or hateful towards a political figure or otherwise that I disagree with I’d probably pass on, but for more mild projects, I don’t really care.

Things never seem to end well when politics are brought up. On any potentially divisive or controversial topic, whether it be politics or adult content, etc, I like getting a message asking me first. Then if I tell the buyer I’m cool with it, we can proceed!


The easy answer is, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, and don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t feel comfortable about.