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How fast did you got your first order?

I remembered my first order moments. I was very excited to get it. Most of all i got my first order pretty fast. After creating my first gig i got my first order within 20 hours. Thats when i decided to be a freelancer. I didnt believe in fiverr until that happened. I am really greatful to fiverr for all of these. it is the best platform ever.


I got my first order 3 days after I created my first gig. Congrats on getting your first order in less than 24 hours! :slight_smile:

However, I don’t think this should be a means with which to measure how good/well made a person’s profile/gigs are. Because it depends on several other factors such as the competition a particular seller faces in his field as well as certain outside factors which are beyond the control of the seller. :slight_smile:


hanshuber16 everything you said is right. i just shared my story to encourage new sellers that they can believe in fiverr and can get order anytime. :smile:


I got my first order on 2nd day and the client contacted me. Message me for some great tactics about gigs.


I got my first order within 1 hour of opening my gig.
Got 2nd order after 13 days.

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