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How fast is customer support with COVID-19?

Hi there! We just got a duplicate charge and no order (the order did not go through on Fiverr). How fast is customer support with COVID-19 and everything? I need a response by end of day before the duplicate payment is processed and fees are incurred on our end. We will have overdraft fees if we can’t get this resolved. This was our business’s first time purchasing through Fiverr and it is not going well.


Customer Support is extremely busy at present and can take more than 10 days to respond.

Hopefully they will respond to you earlier than this.


There is no such thing as Fiverr customer support

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I personally contact Fiverr Support and their response time is good so far.
I receive a reply within around 6-7 hours.
But again, it depend on the number of inquiries that comes that day.

Maybe my inquiries comes when there is not too much queue there.
Hopefully your problem will get resolved soon


Contact Fiverr Customer support, they are best to help you regarding any issue you have been up/arising, respect Fiverr decision & Adhere responsibility.

Happy earning!

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