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How fast is possible to get work


Hello, Will someone tell you in detail?

Deb Prosad Ray


What do you even mean?

Every seller has their own timelines and you can see delivery time on each gig if that’s what you mean.

If you are a seller then it depends only on you how fast you can get an order.

But the thing I can tell you for sure: you need to improve your language skills otherwise you wouldn’t be able to communicate with your clients.


Depends on the kind of work, amount of effort you put in marketing your gigs and many other factors, no one can give you a definite answer for this question.


Hi dear, thanks for comments.


Hello Dear, You said the right thing. My typing work is very well but no order is available.


Since when you are on Fiverr, but haven’t get any work?
Are you putting in the required effort to it?


@rozefawad thanks bro.


He asked you questions. You’re thanking him for what?


It’s a courtesy bro.


It depends on how fast you can promote your services…

Share your gigs more and more ,send buyer requests daily ,hope you will get order .

Best of luck


Thank you so much @webdesignerxx


You are most welcome .



Just a bit of an advice, I’m assuming it’s a cultural thing since I see it a lot at the forum,
but you shouldn’t call others “dear” “bro” if you are not familiar with them.
Same thing when you send messages to buyers when you get an order in the future.
Once you start doing business together and you build up a certain level of trust it might be OK, but till then, try avoiding those words.
You’ll be surprised with how negatively some people react to being called “dear.”
(sadly I’m one of them…)


This post should be copied to the TOS … :smile: