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How fast way to get level 1?

How fast way to get level 1?

please give me advice.

thank you…

Try to get as many great reviews as you can. Even ask them to please review once you deliver your order. That’s how i have over 40 reviews on one gig. Also try to advertise your gigs as much as possible to make as many orders as you can. Hope this helped!

You need 10 successfully completed gigs and 30+ days on Fiverr.


Fastest time possible to get to level 1 is 30 days (with a minimum of 10 completed orders) as Solow13 stated.

Even if you complete 10 orders your first day, you still have to wait until 30 days have gone by. The system will automatically bump you up to Level 1 once those two requirements are met.

I’ve heard other Fiverr veterans explain it as “paying your dues.” It frustrated me at the time, but in hindsight it makes complete sense.

Hope that helps.