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How Featured gig does happen

Hey fiverrs,

I’m wondering about how can I get featured gig?

I know that featured gigs are that gigs have chosen by fiverr, but depending on what?

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I have yet to see any thread or announcement that discloses how the process works. But based on the quality and reviews of some of the featured gigs, I would say the following is probably the most accurate depiction of what happens inside Fiverr’s headquarters:

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Yes, I think If we talked about reviews and good quality work we’ll find that Is a common thing but not specific to get featured.

I haven’t read any thread talking about this neither, hope you guys share what do you know about It.

I would say these factors decide if a gig can be featured or not:

  1. Category (Some are much easier than others)
  2. Gig uniqueness
  3. Gig quality
  4. Support quality
  5. Account standing

And things that don’t seem to be required, but may help:

  1. Tons of reviews
  2. High ratings
  3. Aged account/gig
  4. Levels
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@adsensewizard i dont think so.
There are a lot of featured gig, having 50-60 reviews, 1 year on fiverr.
So its fiverr own choice


That’s right I agree with you, I’ve seen new sellers and level 1 their gigs are featured, so It Is fiverr choice for sure.

My question was how can we do to get our gigs featured? I did not find any answer till now!

Yes, that’s why I said a ton of reviews or an old account is not required to get featured, but certainly helps bring a gig more attention.