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How Fiverr after 5 years tossed me like an old rug

I must tell you my story. Let me start my pointing the fact that I made this website a lot of money and that they were getting a lot of cash on my work. I was doing lyric videos, music production (beatmaking, mixing/mastering), game/app programming and podcast editing.

As you can see I was doing a lot of different jobs and I had about 95% positive rate. This morning (on my birthday) i got email from Fiverr saying that my account is PERMANENTLY banned from the website, because of “low quality deliveries”!|230x500

Wow, what a surprise! Imagine how you would feel if someone destroys your identity after 5 years of hard working and making your name. I had a lot of happy clients and my videos were popular! I would like to share few of them with you:

In this YT playlist you will find some of my “low quality” deliveries. This playlist mainly consists of lyric videos, but in the last two years I became famous for random glitchy music videos (i would take a theme from a client and do crazy music video based on that theme, consisting of short clips and similar). I was making 500-2000 per month. but keep in mind that I was working 10-20 hours per day.

Can i get some explanation from Fiverr about this issue?

Also, what’s funny is that I was banned from Fiverr Reddit after posting my story, so it’s just a matter of time when this post will be deleted too. Good job!

UPDATE: After trying to post this story second time on a Reddit i get banned again! Nice job! Two times banned because I was trying to share my story! Is this Communist China?

UPDATE 2: Again, my post was deleted on Reddit. Good job censuring my posts!

Huh. Intentionally glitchy vids… I can see that being a ‘thing’, but I can also see how it could be valid grounds for getting in trouble with Fiverr.
You might, might be able to appeal, but you’ll need to reach out to for this.

Maybe this is an opportunity to take your services private?

(Note that you haven’t been banned from this Fiverr discourse forum. Stay civil, and there’s no reason to block you.)

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I think you also started another thread on this forum.

You seem to be missing the point:

A buyer/several buyers need to flag your deliveries as “low quality” in order for Fiverr customer support to look into it.

Upon their review, Fiverr found that your buyer(s) were right and they decided to ban you.

Now I’m not sure how much money you earned on here during your 5 year journey, but that’s irrelevant at this point.

For Fiverr to decide to ban a seller for low quality deliveries, it seems like something serious went down.

You could ask for them to list specific examples of low quality deliveries and ask them by what standards was the decision made.

Ask to escalate.

But I doubt they will reverse the decision.

Maybe you can find out what happened and either learn from it or make your peace.


Um, if you break the rules of a group, I’m not surprised the posts were deleted.

Please keep updates in the same thread. It’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to create duplicate threads. In the case of changes in a situation, it’s doubly important, so that people can see what advice you’ve already been given and/or what steps you’ve already taken.

I get that you’re upset, but acting in the midst of anger is the worst time to demand anything.