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How Fiverr algorithm works?


I always have this in mind but recently, I am trying to really understand how this algorithm works… it seems that CS doesn’t want to talk about it so, I want to reach out to you guys so you can give me your expertise or experiences about this matter.

Do you know what factors are taking into consideration? I know that rating, completing orders, cancelation rate, responsive time maybe are involved but, I’ve never been that perfect till now in those aspects and my impressions and sales are simply dropping…

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Very good question! Those basic things you listed for sure are the main factor. But sometimes you can see super seller gigs ranked very weirdly, being overshadowed by garbage gigs with poor ratings and no orders in queue on page 10 or worse. I know a seller who’s gig was there for over a year, despite having better stats on her gig than 95% of other gigs on the whole Fiverr platform! So there’s some very weird hidden requirements as well that can explain the lack of sales. Would be nice to know more! Perhaps a Fiverr employee could share some secrets with us :wink:


Totally agreed with you! There is something very weird going on behind.

And yes, someone that can provide helpful information is very welcomed!


Yea, it is Fiverr best kept secret. :slight_smile: All listed thimgs are part of it for sure, but there is probably also a little bit of random sorting included.


But that “random thing” can take effect by months? I mean I have an awesome past year but this current year is going really bad so far… I hope that this can change asap…


We will never know how the Fiverr algorithm works, just as Google doesn’t share the calculations and “secrets” behind their infamous internet search algorithm. If these “secrets” were publicly known, then that would open the door for nefarious users to exploit the system to their own advantage. Fiverr and Google keep the details of their search algorithms a secret so that the system cannot be misused, hacked, or exploited.


Have you looked how your gig is listed if sorting by best selling? Is it where it used to be?


I am really curious about that too. Like… what is the factor that determines gigs with 4.2 rating or lower being at the first page of their category? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I checked and is around the third page which is not bad but, I’m not sure how many buyers sort out the filter of search, for default the results show in the “Relevance” sort. So…

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Yes, that’s what I mean too, there are lots of things going on we’ll never find out so…

Anyways, we can’t stop trying out new things and sharing them.

I don’t know how it works, but I know it doesn’t work fine. why?

1.1. when you search any keyword, the result in RELEVANCE, BEST SELLING and NEWEST ARRIVALS are the same. So these filters are bugged or the algorithm is really amateur.
1.2. To make these filters (RELEVANCE, BEST SELLING and NEWEST ARRIVALS) works properly, the user must refresh the page.

  1. In categories ranking, many top sellers (top 3 sellers) were drag down 50-100 positions in a single night, even performing better than anyone. In my case, I had to achieve the top positions again in these last 3 weeks. In other words, I lost the performance I did over 4 years in a single day, because this algorithm.

  2. In categories ranking yet, I can see many amateur sellers, with low ratings and almost no reviews in the top of many categories being consider Best Selling. Maybe fiver should change the filter “best selling” to “random selling”. Example: there is a gig with 27 reviews over 7 months in front of a gig which got this number of reviews in 4 days.

PS: all these tests were made with different connections, computers, devices, browsers, and clean cookies and caches. Everything was already reported to fiverr CS, but nothing was made (not even item 1.1 and 1.2).

In my opinion, fiverr is more worried to give a chance to mediocre gigs, instead focus on those good sellers who are the real source of income and reputation of Fiverr company.


I agree 100% with everything you said. Same thing happened to me. One of my gigs was on the first page of its category by “best selling” filter and in one night it just moved to last page. This happened about a week ago. The same moment, gigs with 4.4 and 4.2 rating appeared in the first page. This has not changed untill now. I thought it was some temporary bug in search results but seems like nothing will change.

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I already reported all this to fiverr CS. But I believe as many good sellers possible do this too, maybe they change their mind

it’s look like they have error in fiverr search engine. Short by high selling is not working correctly. Sorry just few gigs in random order.

Same happened here. My best selling gig which was on the first page (best selling filter) was dragged down to 5th page within a couple of days :confused: Contacted support but didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Still scratching my head trying to figure out, how a gig with a couple of reviews and has a rating lower than 5 stars performs better than a gig with 13000+ reviews with 5 stars.


Is this time to say Goodbye to Fiverr? Or we need to wait to fix this issue.

I’m also a top rated buyer on fiverr but due to this issue, I’m unable to hire correct freelancers as well.


i may like to add on here !!! there is something to do with the private feedback as well !! the things we as sellers will never be able to know !! i had to get a job done from fiverr few days ago … i first contacted the seller in messages during my conversation i was asked whether the response of the seller is professional etc etc… i proceeded to place the order… with the delivery i also received an option for private feedback regarding the seller !! what i could understand from all this is that the most important factor is that private feedback!!

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If it’s this hard for you guys imagine how I feel being new I am on page 6 in my category with no reviews yet and struggling to get it to rank higher.
But I’ll keep working at it and I’ll be there some day

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It’s always happened, fiverr like to change your mood from passionate to miserable from time to time, that’s how the algorithm works.I’ve been on this platform for so many years and it’s not a bug, it’s a ‘feature’. What we can do is ‘pray’ that fiverr changed it in the near future and at least have a guidance to let seller know how it works.


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