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How fiverr Algorithm works

I want to know how the Fiverr algorithm works.
I am new on there so I want to rank my gig.
Leave a comment It will help me to learn.


Only fiverr knows it.


okay, so how you rank your services?

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I don’t “rank” my services. I provide an excellent service and fiverr is deciding where to place my gig.


okay, can you tell me how fiverr knows your are providing excellent services or not. when you just start.


And you are again basically asking how fiverr algorithm works. And I again will reply to you: no one knows. Fiverr keeps it a secret and the thing they say that it’s based on your performance.

You have only 4 min read time on a forum so you can start from doing your research and at least reading topics on this forum that discussed this topic endless times :wink:


okay, cooI have to read

Here how to rank your gig

  1. Optimize your gig like SEO n all Read brief on forum article.
  2. Be available as much as possible as new seller because when you get active more you see more buyer request its fact.
  3. When submitting buyer request dont take it for granted do a great bidding provide more value then price
    4 .Lastly share your gig daily for 10 days.

haha :smiley: doing good. keep it up.

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Thank you for your advice

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No one know about this

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Everyone, please understand that there is no shortcut or magic solution to being a successful Fiverr seller. As @mariashtelle1 has said… just offer a great service which in turn will lead to consistent great feedback - and Fiverr will allow your business to be successful.

To everyone who talks about posting gigs to social media, search rankings, staying online 24/7, etc, etc - it’s all utter nonsense. Focus on ensuring your profile and gigs are the very best they can be - and deliver a great product. It’s how business works.


Wow, EVERYONE on this site would like to know how the algorithm works :slight_smile: It’s confidential: just like for Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

As most people have said here, the best way to learn a bit more is to read the forum posts. Some advice in the forum will be useful, some less so: you need to think for yourself.

Personally I’d advise you to create a few gigs to give you comparable results, and follow your gig analytics to see what makes a difference to your clicks and impressions. You can try experimenting with different tags, and spending more time doing things on the platform.

I’m new here, and haven’t sold yet, but these things have already improved my visibility.


That’s Right but One thing that the more you research more you’ll understand about fiverr

I think that it’s only Fiverr knows how it works. My suggestion is to you write you gig title and description uniquely not copying to others and use a nice gig photo to attract your clients. And also share your gigs to your social media perfectly not doing spam and learn new things from Fiverr forum.


Keep it up. … wow

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Yes, only Fiverr…

…and the very hungry cthulhupillar.


My guesses for how Fiverr’s search/ranking algorithm might work:

Someone enters a search phrase, then:

  • Elasticsearch or Solr search might be used to find gigs containing the search words.
    It also allows for gigs that contain synonyms/related words to be returned and not just the searched word(s) itself (but not necessarily different spellings, like color vs colour).

  • It probably gives higher priority to words in the gig title than the gig description/tags. Tags might be given a lower priority/not all of them might be used.

  • It might give higher priority to search words that appear both in the gig title and in the gig description (and maybe package descriptions). If it appears multiple times in the description that might help too (though Fiverr puts a limit on how often it can appear there).

  • In the “relevance” sort it probably increases the rank of rising talent, Pro gigs, Fiverr’s choice gigs, Studio gigs, TRS gigs in the search result. eg. searching for “logo” always seems to show 4 “rising talent” gigs on page 1.

  • Gigs that have had a cancellation recently (and probably late deliveries) are probably put a lot further back in the search ranking.

  • They probably use a/b tests so different users will probably see different things, as well as the ranks will probably be shown slightly differently each time you do a search.

  • The algorithm can also make use of things done manually by CS (based on what someone showed on the forum) to send a gig lower down in the ranking (or I think to remove it completely from search).

  • Obviously it will be based on other stats too, probably including the ones we don’t see like the private feedback. Maybe things like response time/response rate might be taken into account. It might take into account online status but we’ve no real proof of that. It also probably takes the public average gig rating into account, and probably the number of ratings.


This is what Fiverr said recently about how their search (or algorithm) works - ie. a few of the things it takes into account (in the Q2 Shareholder letter):

Over the last few
months, we developed and rolled out an improved infrastructure
for search experience. The new infrastructure is able to support
multiple machine learning models across different contexts
such as search and category pages, and takes into account
advanced user behavioral data in communication, availability and
engagement metrics in addition to textual relevance. The result
is an improved search experience for our buyers which leads
to better search experience and higher conversion.


It is also my interest of knowing about Fiverr algorithm and how it works.