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How fiverr calculate response rate?


Hi, My response rate went down from 100% to 84% .
This is the first time it happens since I joined .

This is what they say
"You responded to 84% of the inquiries you received in the last 30 days. Your average response time is 1 Hrs. "

But I checked my inbox, I responded to each and every message I got within 12 hours.
So my question is why did the rate went down?


The feature is buggy.

I have responded to all of my messages within far less than 24 hours too, and my response rate is currently at 87%.

If it really bothers you, you can contact Customer Support, and they will fix it for you.


Don’t you see there are plenty of bugs around here? Ignore that response rate, it really IS a programming bug related to it and they do not seem to manage to sort it out


I get that bug too, and after a while decided to say ***** it, it’s not worth spending time on going through it with CS if it just crops up again and again, to me, and apparently it doesn´t affect the ‘Avg. Response Time: 1 Hrs.’ the buyers will see on your profile, in another thread someone helpfully pointed out that a friend has a 50% response rate and it still shows as ‘Avg. Response Time: 1 Hrs.’ on her profile.
My solution is to simply not even look at it anymore, it´s quite easy to ignore after a day or two.




Mine is also messed up. It does seem to affect me, my orders were up during the business week.


You must answer all messages, even the spam ones. If it turns out to be spam, report the buyer. If you continue to receive messages from the buyer, contact customer support. That way your rating is not affected. This is the major problem I see with response rate. Also, try to answer as quickly as possible, I literally wake up in the middle of the night to answer buyers’ questions.


I do the same by waking up, but I delete those spam with links.
2 month back Customer support told me, spam messages won’t count in response rate , so you can delete them without replying.


You can do whatever you want.
The indicator is running bad and even if you respond all messages including the spam mesages, it drops without our control.
I had 100% with 1h response time, but due to some mornings answering in 3 or 4 hours because i’m doing other things… the indicator dropped to the actual 92%.
In principal it seems you have to respond all the first messages you receive, but the true is that you need to respond all messages and to be the last that writes the last message even if it’s only to say goodbye !.
Some buyers send more messages before you write an answer… well, i have the theory that if you receive 3 messages you must write 3 answers.
Also i have the theory that system is not enoughly happy with you app running in your smartphone and you must have the computer open and Fiverr page open and self refreshed because if not, you are out for the system.
Finally after all this histeria trying to satisfy an indicator, i have decided to forget its existence and try to do the best i can (as always) and don’t be worried with these kind of Fiverr failings.


I also have the same theories you said, but I ignored them as they are not written in FAQ’s.

And I just noticed my ratings increased by 1%.


My response rate is back to 100%.
This is how it’s done ( 99% it works).
Reply as fast as you can to your first inbox message.
What happened is , someone contact me through inbox for asking me about my gigs to place an order.
We chat for near about half an hour and It turns my response rate back to 100%.

NOTE : Your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first inbox messages (conversation starters) from other users that you respond to within 24 hours of receiving the message.


Instead of fixing it they had brought my percent down even more,even though there weren’t any messages to answer.
There is definitely something wrong with their system. The same thing happened this morning. I had the rating of 92%, and I was just 7 hours late in responding because of the difference of time-zones and the percent dropped immediately to 91.

I have given up. If I contact them again they may bring it down even further. Anyway, it is insignificant as I have already established myself as a writer, and will not let their ratings and levels get to me.