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How Fiverr Can Change Your Life Completely

I started Fiverr account in Sep 2019, also busy in University Mid Term exams of 7th semester Computer Science.

I was hoping to get Wordpress and Django/Python websites for work, One day I came back from University after exam, opened up Fiverr’s Buyer requests (the time was around 4:00pm Pakistan) and reply to few people buyers requests.

One person from Austria instantly replied and asking me if I can recover her hacked Facebook and Google accounts. I just said, “yes”. She offered $50 on Buyer request but I replied with only $5 because that was my starting.

First Order was started and I was very happy. I tried couple of methods to recover her account as I am Computer Science student. Anyhow after half an hour she got her accounts and gave me $5 Tip too.

That was a good start for me. After that I started to check buyer requests whole time in the night because most of the buyers from all over the world come online when we have night time in Pakistan.

My 2nd order was a property cost estimation calculator with coding (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap) and have to integrate in Wix website. Honestly, I didn’t know how to integrate with wix website. But, I was very confident and said yes I will help you. I delivered his work within 2 hours and he was very happy because I cleared all questions and helped he asked. The order was $5 and he gave me $10 Tip extra, total $15.
You can see 2nd review from my profile.

The following words he gave me:

This seller went above and beyond to make sure we were on the same page and so helpful with every aspect, right up into me integrating the product into our website. I am SO thrilled!!!

Now, come to 3rd order. I was practicing Ubuntu server hosting from my own laptop, whole weekend, the buyer from UK and message me in my inbox (that was not from buyer request) and said I need help in Django/Python website URL and Operating System is Fedora. I said ok I will help you, then he said that you have to join me on “Team Viewer” software where you can do all the stuff from my computer online, I said ok.

That was 7:00 in the evening. It took only 20 minutes to remove error from website, Keep in mind order was not created and price was not agreed. He asked for price after getting his work done. First I said “You can give me whatever you want”, he said please tell me. I was thinking to ask him for $5 but then I said $20 if he can. He said “great”. I created custom order and got $20 within 30 minutes.

After that I was getting buyer requests about Wordpress websites. I got Wordpress website order for $140, then I got Django/Python Website $150, $150.

The purpose of telling the whole story is that if you are

1. confident about work
2. fast learner
3. loyal
4. deliver on time
5. great communicate
6. Trust buyers

then you can win the whole story.

Here is my profile in case you want to visit.

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