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How fiverr can scvrew you

Yea I bought a gig for 160 dollars and didn’t like the product. so the seller thought I was a scammer and told fiverr. with out my side of the story they automatically started thinking I was a scammer so treated me as a criminal. The product sucked point blank. They didn’t look at my track record nowing I previously bought hundreds of gigs with no issue. I use to like fiverr but now something I use to brag about I cringe everytime I think about this issue

This is the place to rant, but you probably know nothing can be done to help. Only Fiverr can or can not. If I was to judge at all, I would have to hear both sides of the story which is not possible. But Fiverr can read the messages from both sides and determine what is fair. At least, that is how I think it works.