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How Fiverr changed my life

Hey guys, I hope you’re safe and blessed reading this. I thought I would share my Fiverr experience so far with you.

Hi my name is Ramize, and I’ve been a singer-songwriter for many years, and I’ve worked with many producers from my country and overseas, but a couple years ago I stopped using my gifts because I wasn’t happy and I wanted to be free to do what I love in my own time.

I’ve always wanted to find a way to work with more people because I’m a creative person and I love music.
When I first learned about Fiverr I didn’t hesitate to join, I started a voice-over gig and a songwriting gig I participate in the forums read the blogs and did my research.

A couple months later I got my first client for a voice over job, the client was so satisfied with the work that they referend a friend to me and from there I was doing what I’ve always wanted to do, using my talent to bring others vision to life in the areas of Songwriting, Singing, Jingles, Drops, Transcription or any other voice over project.

I believe in professionalism and delivering real value, I look forward to working with others who are in need of my services. #fiverrocks Below is a link to my Fiverr page should you be interested in my services.

My Fiverr page link


Fiverr has done so much good for so many people. I do this on a part time basis, voice over as well and was very surprised when I got my first order, less than 24 hours after I set up my first gig. I only have 2 Gigs but I’m satisfied with the work I’ve generated so far. I wish you continued success on this platform and in life. :sunglasses:


Fiverr is always a very good platform for earning and life changing if you take it seriously and done your work with honesty and perfectly. wish you best of luck for your upcoming success


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Fiverr is a great platform keep working hard keep working hard


ramizeyardsoul i am totally agree with you that patience with dedication works:yum::yum:




Very much inspiration post. This post is really helpful for everyone.

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Fiverr brought happiness for many people. Hopefully we are gone be helped from this marketplace. It was amazing and inspirational story…!

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thanks so impressive . best of luck brooo


I wish the same for you.

I sure will and I say the same to you. :slight_smile:

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Nothing better than using one’s talent to make others happy. :slight_smile:

I’m happy sharing my story was helpful in a positive way. :slight_smile:


Fiverr is the best, it brings all these amazing people together.

Thank you, I wish the same for you.

It’s really amazing platform that you told.