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How fiverr customer support copes in case of illness

I have been diagnosed with chicken pox yesterday and is unable to work on an order which I took before my diagnosis. Now the customer is threatening me to complete the order or face dire consequences. I have contacted customer support with the doctor’s prescription. Have anyone faced a similar issue. How does fiverr customer support handles seller health issues?

Customer support does not handle seller health issues; Fiverr is not an employer. If you can’t complete the order and the buyer does not accept an extension of the delivery you should cancel the order.


Buyer is not willing to accept cancellation.

You can contact the customer service asking to cancel the order for you. By the way: buyers can’t threaten a seller for any reason. If this has happened, inform CS.


Thanks. I have sent screenshots of conversations and doctors prescription to CS.

I don’t want sound rude, but I have reason to believe that they couldn’t care less about that document. It’s not pertinent to the matter.


No worries as long as they cancel the order for me. Just wanted to prove I have reason to cancel the order.

Just cancel the order if you can’t do it. No need to give the diagnosis or prove you are sick.

They don’t care why.

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Buyer was not willing to accept cancellation. Contacted CS and they cancelled it immediately.