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How fiverr gig ranking first page..? please help me

This is my fiverr gig


Your gig will have a really hard time reaching the first page of search results as it currently stands.

Your SEO URL has a typo, your gig image is an eye sore and riddled with nonsense/typos and even the image you used of yourself comes out as somewhat unprofessional.

To top it all off: the service you are willing to provide is what we call “low hanging fruit”.

Meaning it’s basically you offering to to the most menial of tasks for the least amount of money. Highly sought after creative tasks that demand actual talent are over-saturated on Fiverr. What do you think the situation is like for data entry gigs?

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please help me …what can i do now …?

Well you are offering copy and paste and I am sure people don’t need to pay for that.

You are also offering typing, and yet your gig image and SEO title and description are riddled with typos.

Did the person who hired you actually presented you with a task or was it someone you know?

My advice would be to find something you are actually good at, and work with that.

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yes… he really gives me work

Your “I will do high level data entry job” gig:

In the URL in this gig it says “high-levle” instead of “high-level”. The only way to alter the URL is to remove the gig and add a new one. Though the new one won’t show the review (but your profile will).

The gig image says “.100% satisfided” instead of …“satisfied”. Though that could also be reworded (eg. some say something like “100% satisfaction guarantee”.

The gig image says “.24/8 support”. I think you mean “24/7” (though are you really there for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?).

The gig image says “Lead Generations”. Maybe make it “Lead Geneation” like in the description?

You could alter the design/colours of the gig image.

Maybe “Datascience” should be 2 words.

Your “I will find data entry,data mining web research,bussiness email” gig:

In the title you could change “bussiness” to “business”.

The gig image says “cope paste” instead of “copy paste” or “copy-paste”. The description also says “Cope/paste”.

There should normally be a space after a comma.
You could change the word “I” so it’s always in uppercase.

You could reword the line that says "Ready to any time for work ".

Maybe doing some of the Fiverr skills tests could help (eg. Excel, Office, Data Science).
Maybe a video/.pdf could help if it showed some of the different things you offer in the gig (such as data mining etc.).


thanks a lot for your information

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