How Fiverr Have Changed My Life


Hello guys,

I want to share with you my full story about ‘how fiverr changed my life’. I’m pretty new here so it’s impressive for me. Let’s start from the begining.

I’ve created my account few months ago, but after week without a sale, I was like: “Oh, ok, lets just forget about it”. How the hell I could get a sale if I wasn’t even sending buyer requests - now I see how stupid I was :smiley:

The reason, why I comeback is pretty simple. My girlfriend have a birthday at july. I needed to earn 300$ (you may think it’s not a lot of, but for 19 yo guy from my country, it is). After christmas I’ve started doing some resarch about fiverr. I’ve watched a lot of video tutorials, read a lot of posts - how to get sucesfull here.

So, I created some gigs (at the begining of January). I made a good description, tags, video etc. I started to sending a lot of buyer requests and it slowly started to work. Meanwhile I was still learning a lot, watching more videos, and reading more posts. But this how that whole thing went, is crazy for me.

After recieving some good reviews at January and earn something around - I don’t know maybe 200$, it came February.

February was a diffrent story. My whole research and time spended on learning how fiverr works - finally paid off. I’ve done so much orders, learn how to work with people, learn more of video editing stuff and earn 800$ (in February alone), which is big amount of money for 19 yo student in Poland. It’s 150% of the national average, and I earn it from the comfort of my own desk, with no fuel cost, with no boss, working few hours a day - doing what I love. Of course I spend some long hours texting people, and promoting myself - but now I don’t need to focus on it so much.

We have 18th of march and I’ve already earned 550$, so I think that this month won’t be worse than February. Also, today after getting my 82 orders done, I’ve recieved Level 2 Badge which is awesome.

To be honest, I’m living the dream right now and I’m extremly thankful for Fiverr to letting me to that. Year ago, having 1,5k$ on my account was something impossible. I didn’t even have bank account :smiley: Practically, this whole thing happened in just 2 months of focusing on fiverr.

Now I don’t need to go to University, because I have no other choice (this is last year of my high school education). I have a choice. I don’t need to do something which I don’t enjoy. I can work on fiverr, start new blog and set up my company. This platform completely change the way I was looking at life.

Hope that my post will help someone. My intention was to share my feelings and tell you that everything is possible - you just need to work hard. Don’t you ever give up on your dreams (ok let’s end it right now because I’m starting to sound like some sh***y motivational coach).

Fiverr is not for new seller?

Congrats bro :slight_smile: carry on


Congratulations!!! I’m so happy.


Congrats @czarekpiast, nice story and big result for you. I m sure that your story will be helpful for others. Keep grow to Top Seller. :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best in future!


You see, it does not need much to be happy. I’m so glad that you believed and been patient. Continue to work and you may be surprised of how well the business is gonna go. You can seriously live from it. I am from Europe (Serbia).


Dobry Dzien Czarek,

I still remember your first post and how a lot of forum regulars tried to help you improve your profile and gigs.

Hard work and determination pays off and you are a great example for this. I am so glad you stuck around and listened to all the advise given to you.

Aren’t you glad you did? I am so happy for you. Keep up the great work. Wishing you nothing but success and I really hope your dream of owning a video production company will come true.

Best Wishes :slight_smile:


You sound like a pretty decent one to me. Well done with making it this far, and good luck for the future. :clap:


Another inspiring piece to put on the bookshelf. Congrats to you! :tropical_drink:


Thank you all for support and warm words - much appreciate. I want to wish you luck as well!


I have a question, did you write in your op you are still in High School?


No, I didn’t. I don’t think it matter, because in my video gig - I’m showing my face, and everybody can clearly see my age.


You didn’t? :thinking:


Sorry maybe I got something wrong. What you mean by ‘OP’? I thought you mean my fiverr profile description. English is not my native language so sorry if I got something wrong.


lol. It’s alright.
OP = Original Post/Poster.

I was referring to your FIRST post here.
So I was asking you said you are still in high school?


That is an amazing story, @czarekpiast. I’m really happy for you. :hugging:


I’ve got a question, too. Does your girlfriend know how much are you earning monthly?
If yes, she won’t get agree on accepting a gift of worth $300 :joy:


I don’t understand what’s going on right here, but anyway :smiley: Yes, I’m still in high school - in biology&chemistry class. My last year of school is going to end within next 3 weeks. Also, within 1,5 month, I will have my ‘matura’ exam. After this exam I will have to choose my university, but like I said before, now I have a diffrent plan for my life :grin:

Unfortunately, she knows :joy: Right now I’m almost 24/7 online so it’s hard to hide it from her. Hope she’s not looking at me right now, like “wohooooo he’s rich I don’t need to learn anymore” :joy:


I just love these stories. Congratulations and best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Way to go! I like how you did the work to learn how to be a better seller. As a Teacher, I must say, why no college??? Always good to have that degree and option. Who knows which way the Gig Economy will go.


Great, your story looks lovely…
it;s all been happen due to your hard hard work… Hard-work always give some friutfull output… :wink: