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How Fiverr is solving global economic income disparity

Hello Fiverr community,

An introduction, my name is Ainee - I am the Talent Manager of a Talent Agency here in the Philippines, I also work as a Virtual Assistant as my full time job. I have recently found and I must say it is an amazing idea. This could radically change the lives of many of our people, (specifically those in my industry) who are stuck with dreams and aspirations but no outlet. We live in an age where over 30 Million of our people here have access to Facebook and other outlets, and most have android phones (Smart move with the Android app Fiverr!!).

Here in the Philippines the income of our people is very low, and $5 dollars USD for a gig is actually a really good rate for almost anything. I’ve thought about what it can do for the developing world, and noticed there are a lot of people on Fiverr from other countries who are willing to do pretty much anything for 5 dollars. I would have a feeling Western Europeans, North Americans, and Aussies would be the main buyers on a site like this since basically they are using it as an outsource type service which is very popular forms of income here in the Philippines.

Anyways, I can see huge potential and plan to build much of our business on using as a way for our models and talent can showcase who they are to the international community. It’s not a lot of money, but after a few gigs and gaining popularity I see how this could very much be a launch pad for many of our models and actresses.

I’m so excited to be a part of this growing community and look forward to any input you can provide on being successful. PS. We just landed our first gigs!!! Thanks Fiverr!!!


VP Talent Manager


Hi Ainee & welcome~ I agree that Fiverr can be a good opportunity for people who live in less economically-developed areas who have talent or good ideas but no local outlet. It also helps people like me. I live in the U.S. but became disabled while still young & was the only support for my child & myself. Although I receive a small income from my government, it is much less than if I could work, so my Fiverr income has been very appreciated.

I think your enthusiasm will help you be successful on Fiverr & I wish you good luck!

Thank you very much. Yes, I can see how doing these tasks can add up in the long run. I’ve successfully delivered 3 gigs so far, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful talented people who also share an inspiration for acting, modeling and the arts. I’m so happy that people have actually been noticing the gig, it has 24K views last I checked, and 3 gigs - I’m new and I can only assume after building a base this will only grow! Shortage of jobs here, yes - but not shortage of passion, beauty, and ambitions!

I wish you the best well with your ventures as well!