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How fiverr makes a seller feel like trash

So here is a simple story. I spent 10+ hours working on a few different gig video intros for my gigs that have been doing well for me for a while now.

The problem is … when you upload a video , the only requirement that it says on the screen is that it must be -50mb.

Thats fine , my videos are under 40mb.

But they are 1:22 seconds long.

Without any “Denied” message or anything , my videos are being rejected by someone on fiverr’s staff.


Well my support ticket indicates that videos should be under 1 minute long.

So I took 10 minutes to look at some gig intro videos to find any that might be significantly longer than 1:00.

And I found 8 of them.

So … why the hell are they giving me such a hard time? My videos are actually 10,000 times better than some of these in the list.

… Here is that list of gigs that are all over 1:00 long. Some of which are 1:40+










Fiverr will make you feel like trash. This is only one of several problems I've had with them , but when it comes to something I take a lot of time doing , like new video intros .. Its really upsetting that I had no "rule" to go by other than -50mb .. And I think its really ridiculous that they are telling me without an error message or message of any kind .. that they are rejecting my videos..

Great fiverr. As more quality sellers leave your platform , you'll wonder why fiverr continues to get a bad rep.
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Not sure what to tell ya.

Fiverr Support is your best bet for the answer.

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Yes , this post was just to point out their ways of discriminating against users and how it upsets people like myself to not have and formal guidelines on video posting other than “Video must be -50mb” – I followed the only rule I found. And I spent a lot of time making something apparently 20 seconds longer than this unspoken guideline customer support is telling me about.

If you can see the video you’d be shocked as to why customer support would want to deny a seller this video onto their gig because its extremely well done. Just take a look at some of my current video samples if you don’t believe me.

Its just insane how much trouble they make you go through because of a gig intro video. One time I had an issue and it was because I didnt include the address bar in a website screen capture part of a new gig intro video. It was just showing off how I can take video of your website and stand in front of it with greenscreen. And I EXCLUDED the url because they are wierd about posting external links or pages… But instead they wanted me to SHOW the url leading to a different website. And the deny message was only given after several attempts to contact them. And it was something to the extent of "Please include the gig url"

It was totally vague.

So they don’t make sense on many accounts.

Message to all here : Dont take fiverr too seriously , they certainly don’t take you seriously.

I think I can shed some light on this

I had a video that was close to 2 minutes. It was made well over a year ago. I notice that while browsing the forum there was a number of complaints that their videos were being denied for being too long. Curious, I sent Fiverr support a ticket and they admitted they were relaxed on the video length for a long while even though the rule has always been they need to be under one minute. They started to force the 1 minute rule this past year for any new videos. Any videos over 1 minute that was approved before they started to force the rule stayed, but if you created a new video to replace it, it had to be under 1 minute.

Sure enough, I updated my year old video that was 2 minutes long with a new video that was over 1 minute and it was denied. By the way, if your video is too long or too large, the denial is an automatic process – it is not being denied by a human.

So I cut my video under one minute and no problem. Within 24 hours it was up and running.

What is the size limit (mb) ?

OK, @steveeyes gave the full story. I was going to say that many some standards were “grandfathered” in from older versions of Fiverr, and video limits was one of them. Tag/key words is another area where you may see a difference from older gigs to newer ones. The limit now is 5 (I think?) but it used to something like 8.

I’ve complained to fiverr numerous times about this stupid 1 min rule…1 min isn’t nearly enough time to show potential customers what you can do…it always results in a rushed, clunky , almost desperate looking video where we have to rush to get all we can get in within 60 seconds, they seriously need to allows us at least 3 mins…bare minimum…im positive that the one min limit is costing us customers because that’s not enough time to make a video impressive enough to lure in customers…I sure hope they change this ASAP

another stupid restriction that needs to go ASAP is the 1200 word limit in the gig description…my god fiverr TEXT doesn’t take up much hard drive space at all…let us show our true potential by giving us the time and space to do so!

wow…I JUST uploaded my video that I made be exactly ONE MIN…I checked it on 2 different video editors…its exactly 1 min…Fiverr denies it and sends me thios message

>Hi David,

Thank you for following up with us. Unfortunate, the length of the video is not flexible, it has to be up to one minute. We apologize but you'll need to shorten the video by some more.


to which I replied

ok I shortened it to exactly 1 min....and now I see its been denied AGAIN...I cannot go under a min, every second counts when you are restricted to such ridiculous policy as that. can you please un-deny the last one I sent..I triple checked it and its exactly 1 min.....


I can only imagine how much money WE and fiverr are losoing out on because of fiverrs needlessly constricting policy on text and video…sighs

It would appear that ‘up to one minute’ is ‘less than one minute’

I actually checked that, and up to one min means it can be anything up and to including one min.

I mean, if they deny me again ill just make the video 59:99.99 lol if they wanna balk over a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second then that’s fine

Reply to @davidlustrup:

Yea this did it for me David. I spent my entire day on video recording and editing to put up on my gig to attract more clients. These videos are exceptionally good and i even but them down to 59 seconds. They are still getting denied.

I basically told fiverr support where they can shove this whole site and I’m moving off of it.

I’ve complained several times about the 1200 character limit not being nearly enough.

The only viable way to explain your gig is to re-direct people to your own youtube page where there is a longer video gig intro there. And plenty of potentials to drag your clients right off the site anyway for more commission on your orders.

So I don’t see why they allow us to post youtube links even thought were just trying to show longer video intros or explain our service without the 1minute or 1200 character limitation.

So yea fiverr , good luck goin down the shitter. I’m posting my last messages to customer service to show everyone how hard they are to deal with.

MY MESSAGE: Hello , I’m wondering if , when the video is reviewed and approved , could the thumbnail for this gig’s video be at 1:19.

I had some issues with another gig that had a bad thumbnail and I’m just being proactive. I set this video up for that mark to be the thumbnail :slight_smile:


MY MESAAGE (again)

easy_button Yesterday at 09:19

Oh and also , is there anyone I could talk to about getting this gig featured? I also have recreated my commercial gig intro video as well. These will be hot sellers as I’ve already been doing good with them with very terrible video intros for some time now! This will definitely attract more buyers now that I’ve upgraded from $20 equipment to $2300 equipment to work on your site :wink:

((Fiverr Support staff guy 1 (Name censored)

Kevin Yesterday at 09:34

Hey easy_button

Thanks for getting in touch with us about your request concerning your gig’s video. I’m forwarding this ticket request directly to our content editors so that they can review your request to change your video thumbnail. Once the video is reviewed, we’ll follow up with you in this same ticket request #722010.

While you’re waiting, don’t shy away from the official Fiverr forums in case you haven’t already checked it out. Check out some of the forum threads that offer great tips to help your business grow on Fiverr by following the link here:

Note that our editors are not taking requests at the moment for featured gigs.

We’ll keep in touch,


MY MESSAGE: Yesterday at 14:51

Ok I can understand. One thing that concerns me however is … I’ve uploaded 2 videos and they simply vanished. It doesnt say they are waitng for approval or that they got denied. So I’m re-uploading them. You may want to add that to the notes. Thanks

((Fiverr Support staff guy 1 (Name censored)

Yesterday at 15:34

Hi there,

The current gig does not have a video. Also please note that we do not allow gig videos over 1 minute long.



MY MESSAGE: Yesterday at 16:21

Hmm I have other videos that are over 1:00 long. These are 1:21. Can you double check on that for me? I’d hate to have wasted my time creating a great looking video to have it not approved. I am an avid user of the site and have not seen and such update since last time I’ve uploaded videos. The only thing it says is that the video must be under 50mb. Which these are well under the 50mb mark. Can you check on this for me?

((Fiverr Support staff guy 1 (Name censored)

Yesterday at 16:31

These are the direct words from the content editors concerning the approval of your video. The video has to be under 1:00. Sorry for the inconvenience.

MY MESSAGE: Yesterday at 18:03

Hmm Kevin. I understand what you’re saying here. But can you escalate this ticket to someone who can tell me why the following 8 gigs all have over 1:00 gig intros?

Here are 8 gigs that have over 1:00 intros and some even up to 1:30+

Some are top rated sellers and some are not. I figured I’d get you a good mix. This took all of 10 minutes of my time. The videos I’m trying to upload took me 4-6 hours a piece to compose and edit. Some of the videos in this list are very mediocre at best. Why give me such a hard time ? I feel fairly discriminated against here. Is there a reason others are allowed to have longer videos? And what is the reason behind me not getting any sort of error or deny message? Am I expected to hope the video is approved?

Can you escalate the ticket?









((Fiverr Support staff guy *2* (Name censored) Today at 06:02
Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your ticket. Please note that Gig videos are manually reviewed by our Editors and if they deem it ok - a video longer than 1 minute can be approved. However, that decision lies on them and the editorial preferences they work with at that time. Feel free to upload a longer video for them to review but we can't guarantee that the video will be approved and there's a big chance that it wouldn't be.

Thank you for understanding.


MY MESSAGE: Today at 14:55
Well , thanks for getting back to me val.

Look , its becoming so much of a problem I'm about to go HAM here.

Every time I consider making a gig video , this happens. I'm pretty sick of it dude.

I just shortened the videos and they STILL are getting rejected.

Look , ■■■■ your editor - this is the video I'm trying to get put on my gig.

If he has a problem with it , tell him to go ■■■■ himself.
I'm just going to take this very personally and spend as much time as I took MAKING this video , to actually find all the fiverr rating sites , BBC , and official complaint websites and just file a complaint.

When I do business. I do business right.. when I see it being done wrong , I run that shit into the ground so others don't have to deal with the kind of bullshit I'm dealing with right now.

If you want good sellers on your platform , stop fucking with them.
I'm done here. You can call pretty much go ■■■■ yourselves.

At this point , I'm just sick of the site and I'm just going to take all my business off the platform.

What is the best way to cancel my account so I don't have to deal with these stupid little fuckin problems all the time ?
This is the original (longer rejected video)

here is the shorter one being rejected

This is basically how stupid your editor is and it shows how terrible communication goes between the office.

At this point Im just stuck thinking either I'm dealing with a band of super idiots , a bunch of poor souls trying to work together , or a group of tyrranists trying to work from the inside to destroy fiverr itself.

Either way , it shouldnt be a fuckin act of congress to change my video intro! I have had longer ones up on my gigs in the past and even shorter ones and still go through this same issue.

It takes me several days to get THE SAME VIDEO finally approved. I'm just not dealing with the shit anymore. I have my own ways to take care of business and by the time I'm done you'll with you would have just handled shit properly.

This is all taking money out of YOUR hands. And ultimately my issue will reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers who plan to work on micro sites.

I'm not your guy in his garage making testimonials. My service is way bigger and as I try to offer more of it here , you guys just keep sticking it in my butt. I'm done now. Thought I'd help you all realize what kind of trouble legitimate quality sellers go through when doing something so simple as changing their intro video.

Well tell that fiverr editor he can enjoy his donut and morning shit as he rejects videos that show up in his queue rubbing his nipples menacingly. Hes probably a red head as well. Poor guy , I guess we can't blame him.

So yea , to make you feel even dumber than you feel now , watch the video thats being rejected.. And ask yourself why the ■■■■ they want to give a seller like this a problem putting that video up.

NOW , you see why I'm bitching so hard.


There seems to be a miscommunication going on within the fiverr staff office.
They don't know which end is up .. I showed them videos from people that made their accounts just a few months ago as well with longer video gig intros than 1 minute.
There is no clear answer here other than fiverr doesnt give a shit about you as a seller.

They know by now that 1200 character isnt enough to properly sell some services.
-They dont care

They know that a 1 minute video is also not enough to showcase some services
-They dont care

They know others have longer gig videos and don't bother to tell anyone that videos are automatically rejected
-Because they don't really care to tell you why videos are rejected

-- In other words .. if you want to sell a service , use this platform as a stepping stone .. a stepping stone to jump right off of as soon as you can see whats ahead of you.
Because whats ahead of you is a lot of pain in the ass.

And that same company (fiverr) will take $1 of every $5 pain in the ass order you'll get from foreign speaking clients and people who want $50+ or $100+ services for just $5.

Even cancelling an order like that can be a headache when the client refuses to let you cancel an order thats worth 10x more than he paid.

You will see all of the problems I mentioned here and more in less than 2 months time on fiverr. Start thinking of how to get your business in more places. Thats worth more of your time than spending time on figuring out how to integrate your business more into fiverr whatsoever.

Been there , done with that. And its such a shame.

Well said about the “stepping stone” thing…this is precisely why I DO have my own website outside of fiverr. And business on that site has been growing an growing =) and when it becomes profitable enough where I can live off of just that…that’s where I’ll be!

also I just found out yesterday by a simple google search that there are TONS more places similar to fiverr to set up shop, most of them with FAR more relaxed rules! im currently setting up shop and most of those as we speak, to augment my fiverr business

wow they denied my video AGAIN…it was exactly 1:0:0 (1 min ) and not a millisecond more…SOOOOO petty!!! embarrassing for them really…shrugs

so I just submitted one that I cut to 59.99.99 1/1000 of a second under 1 min, which any math teacher will tell you IS “under one min” now they will have no reason to deny it