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How Fiverr pro Sellers get orders?

How the Fiverr pro Sellers get orders?


Same as everyone else.


Great minds think alike. I was going to reply with “Buyers come to our gigs and place them”.


Fiverr works the same way for both Pro and non-Pro sellers.

If someone is interested in my gig they buy it or message me about it before buying.


Pro and non pro are same…

Fiverr seems to promote Pro gigs more (eg. higher in the normal search results as well as a whole search for Fiverr Pro gigs) so that could be one thing that helps them get orders.

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I hear that argument a lot on the forum.

But I seriously doubt that someone with a $50 budget will start considering to buy my $4k gig, just because it ranked higher on their search result.

Once again: relevance is key.

Is Fiverr pushing Pro gigs more?


Does that mean that buyers start shopping for Pro gigs more?

I seriously doubt it.


If the promotion of Fiverr Pro gigs (eg. them being promoted more than normal gigs) was having no beneficial effect for them (they were not helping to influence buyers to buy them) Fiverr would most likely stop promoting them/as much. Yet they still promote them more than other gigs (they don’t seem to have reduced them amount they promote them), which suggests their promotion is causing a beneficial effect for those gigs and Fiverr is expecting to earn more by promoting them over other gigs.

I agree it is very unlikely that someone shopping with a $50 budget would consider a $4K gig, but Fiverr are probably trying to get people who might otherwise go for something slightly lower to consider the Pro gigs (eg. someone who wanted to buy something for $70 or $80 to go for the Pro gig around $100).


Fiver promotes Pro gigs because aside from getting sales from them, it enhances fiverr’s image.


Absolutely fiver pro gigs show on front page on search.
I have been watching the same thing from the last 6 months.
For a live proof, go to marketplace and search for web scraping you will see a pro seller always on first page ranking 8th to 15th place, look at his order you will be surprised. May be because of heavy pricing.
Pro seller means it has been approved by fiverr in all aspects he is perfect, so it’s abviously on top.
Again the same thing with fiver’s choice

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pro seller is different from other sellers

in the same way non top sellers get