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How fiverr promote us to the top rated seller

Is there anything in general which fiverr consider when they give the top rated batch or it just the sales which matter

See the Levels page for more info on the TRS level. TRS cannot be directly earned like 1 and 2. Fiverr has to choose you individually.

can anybody tell me

A lot depends on how you communicate with buyers. Keep it always nice and always professional.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yeah i know that but i am asking how fiverr choose that is there any algorithm

Reply to @rajat11: There is no algorithm. It is a highly personal choice by Fiverr staff.

Reply to @misscrystal: truly a nice advice by top rated seller any other advice mam

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks sir

Reply to @rajat11: I am not male, but you are welcome. One hint to getting any promotion is to be careful how you address people.