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How Fiverr "punish" buyers with bad behavior?


We are talking a lot about how sellers are “punished” by Fiverr when they are reported to CS (level demotion, banned account with money blocked during 90 days…).

Do you have an idea of the sanctions for buyers who have bad behavior (blackmail on the stars, abusive cancellation request, threats to have free services during an order…) ?


Typically a buyer account is closed if they abuse the system and someone reports it with proof.


good question. for administrator…


But can they create another account ?


They really should get something in place to help protect sellers - from buyers who try to abuse the system, and take advantage of sellers.Unfortunately the way it is now - buyers have a free-for-all - with little or no repercussion to abusive behavior.

An example is - in the case of a FALSE negative review – that IF CS, looked into adequately – they would see clearly… a dishonest review, AND needing THAT SAME LYING buyer’s approval to be removed. What type of sense does that make really? If they were gaming the system and lying, and are now MAD because they didn’t get the freebie they were trying to get – why on earth would anyone think they would 1) change their review 2) give an HONEST review?They have NO integrity.

I have a few such reviews - that were absolute nonsense, claiming I was being rude, among other things - that I asked to have removed because it was clearly NOT TRUE, and they could go look at my interaction and such as proof… but they were not removed.

That’s a bit annoying and lopsided.

I had a guy order yesterday - that … as soon as I saw the name rang a bell – because he had tried to tell me he wanted a refund and wasn’t happy with the result – in a previous order. I had told him that fiverr doesn’t give refunds for the reasons he outlined, and he could feel free to review my work, stating his concerns - but NO refund was happening. Lo and behold after completing this 2nd order I get a revision requested notification. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This time I told him to please NOT order from me again, and the same policy as last time applies – NO REFUND. I also told him that I was going to contact CS if he persisted… and suddenly I was a GREAT seller, he was HAPPY with my work, that’s why he came back… and blah, blah, blah :roll_eyes:.

This is reality. Sellers need to be considered and feel as VALUED as buyers, and part of that is protecting them from being exploited in any way.

I don’t think “punished” is the right word, but a fair BALANCE of power – would be real nice.


I think they can. And they can do the same thing with the new account.
When you are a seller and your account is banned you lose all your reviews, long work, previous clients… You’ll have hard days before you can have the same number of orders with your new account.
But as a buyer, you can buy exactly the same wether it’s your 1st order or your 450th order.


One of my buyers has violated Terms of Service twice in a single order.
I reported him to CS. I sent a copy of all our conversation (not only his messages, but also mine).

I see that this buyer is still “Top Buyer”. I am sure if a Top Rated Seller had talked to a buyer this way he would have lost his TRS level.

About protection, I know that this buyer can make the same thing in the future and I feel that other sellers are not protected from this buyer.

You are right, balance of power is the right word.
Protection is important too.


This buyer I am referring to is also a top rated buyer… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe Top Rated Buyers are rated strictly by how often they order, and how much money they spend - rather than how they interact and deal with the people they are buying from.


How does a business punish clients?

Do you have any suggestions on how 5r should punish buyers? Just curious.


I was wondering that as well lol :joy::rofl: I sure wouldn’t want to order off a platform where I had the threat of being punished lol!