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How Fiverr Search Algorithm work?

Because of New Fiverr Search Algorithm my Gigs Impressions and Views continuously falling down !!

My Gig was there in fiverr search result in top 8 gigs in first page for the keyword “keyword traffic” and “keyword targeted traffic” and “google keyword traffic” for the last 6 months.
my average earning was 600 to 1000$ per month but now I am seeing impressions and views of my gigs are continuously falling down day by day.
I am having only less than 10 views and 100 impressions a day. I had 1000 to 3000 impressions and avg 200+ views and 100+ clicks earlier !!

Still I have
Response Rate 95%
Orders Completed 98%
Delivered on Time 93%
and Positive feedback 99%

I want to find the reason why is this happening and want to know how new fiverr search algorithm work ??


Unfortunately nobody will be able to answer this question!


I think search algorithm considers latest statistics.

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This was a hot topic a few months ago – no one really had an answer. What worked for some didn’t always work for others. Even those gigs who had their sales come back can’t tell you why. If you are looking for answers you may want to search the forum but I can pretty much tell you that there is no guarantee that a solution for one doesn’t mean it is a solution for all.

Good Luck


My gut feeling is that the algorithm will slowly continue to correct itself over time.


what is latest statistics ? :face_with_monocle::roll_eyes:

If we know exactly how fiverr search algorithm work, then we can write our title, description and tags according to that. But still no one knows how does it work ??!! :disappointed_relieved::expressionless::sob:

It’s all about luck in my point of view (you can call me religious too). All you need to do is work hard each and every day. You will get orders eventually. Buyer request is your best friend when you are not getting orders.

Some months starts very slowly and some end badly, but somehow I manage to achieve my average earning goals every month. Don’t know how.


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I have contact fiverr customer support and this is the part of the answer I have got :

We’re currently running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs. The goal of these tests is to make sure that we’re showing the best Gigs for the intended search results. For example, we don’t want to show Gigs that are not active, sellers who are on vacation, etc.


Right. And nefarious sellers would be able to game the system to ensure that they appear at the top of all listings – above everyone else. Not going to happen. Fiverr isn’t going to share this information, because not sharing it, ensures that every seller competes for orders on the same level.


Generally statistics are shown for your entire orders or last 30 days or last
60 days. Based on that you think that your ratings are better than others in your category.
What ever may be the reasons you will not get the orders so that time you don’t have good ratings for the last 1 or 2 days.
In my experience if I able to get more orders in last 1 or 2 days your search rank will increase.

You have specified your entire lifetime statistics. Please calculate statistics for last one or 2 days.

I wouldn’t waste my time thinking about “this stuff.” :yum:


This seems to be a common problem for a LOT of people. In speaking with top level sellers - their historical experience is that when the algorithm is reset - you basically start over. This can take up to a year to see your business solidly return to where it was. That sucks - but it will return. as well - this is why you want repeat customers and make sure that Fiverr is only one part of your business plan. Just stay active on your account - keep good stats - and the rest will follow.


I don’t think so :thinking:

Look… I’m not supposed to be sharing this… but…

The algorithm is based on Mogwai mythology. Essentially, you can’t get them wet, expose them to sunlight or feed them after midnight. The gig (much like the Mogwai) was created to spread good will throughout humanity but a mutation in the code caused 9,999 gigs to be evil and flawed creations… this is opposed to the remaining 1 gig of every 10,000, which are good in nature and serve humankind.

Failure to adhere to these laws will send your ranking spiraling into a dark and gruesome outcome. You’ll hatch more gruesome stats and your gigs will wreak havoc on forums.

Also… Your ranking will grow a mohawk.


The new Algo favors those and places their gigs on First Page Top Row who don’t talk about algorithm. :zipper_mouth_face:

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My thoughts on Algo :anchor:

Ugh! Blah!


Do not, I repeat, not try to find out by searching Fiverr HQ for it! Unless you have the meteor police badge, of course.