How Fiverr Search Engine works?


Hi… can anyone Explain exactly how fiverr search engine works?
Exactly what is TAGS?

for an Example lets say we start a gig for the TRAFFIC
and we add heading as “Google Organic Keyword Targeted TRAFFIC”

so when someone search in fiverr search engine just a word “TRAFFIC” and it appears in rank 100.

and if someone search “Keyword Targeted TRAFFIC” the ranking getting worse… such like 200+
in reality it should be more filtered and rank should come higher…

and even if some one search like this “Google Organic Keyword Targeted TRAFFIC” it should be more filtered. but according to my analyse when we increase number of keywords in fiverr search, the ranking getting worse !!

so i want to know exactly how fiverr search engine works? hope its not working like google search engine !


really good observation.


Hi farahjills, this is a great question but I suggest removing the link to your gigs or the question will probably be removed soon by a moderator since links to our gigs aren’t allowed unless it’s posted in the My Fiverr Gigs section. People can find your gigs by clicking on your username.
I have noticed that like most search engines the search rankings change frequently.


Thank You very much for your advice.
cheers :slight_smile:


You know the Fiverr Search Engine (algorithm) does NOT look at descriptions or tags when anyone searches for a gig that contains keywords that are not in our Gig titles. Bottom line: Search Engine is limited to what’s in our Gig title’s only, and it drives me crazy.


Yes but the description also must contain the keywords. The algorithm changes also. I’ve had well ranked gigs that disappear from the search.


That’s interesting!


I’ve actually been ranked for keywords I used in my description so this isn’t 100% true, although the ones I ranked on were rather limited in competition so I feel the description plays only a very small role. I can also assure you that it does in fact, look at tags too. The only problem is often times people try to compete in highly competitive tags and you just won’t rank that way. Such as the word “voiceover”. However it does seem to benefit your ranking if you use keywords similar to your category and then actual focus keywords.



New to Fiverr. I started gigs on low competition niche, and I noted that tags were completely ignored by the search engine, is it the same for you?


High Impacts


What I have observed.
Fiverr search depends on much things now. Yes, gig title plays an important role. as well as a well-written description of your service.There are another important thing that a gig get how much social impression.

There is other related things, But fiverr search bot is updating and will be updating day by day, I have seen my 1 gig at the top one day then in the next day it just disappeared, then again it came back.
So I think the search engine works something like that.



That is Very Interesting.


what about the option below the title üpgrade title SEO" how does it impact on the gig’s performance on the search? are we better off without it or using hte 50 characters allowed?