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How Fiverr select "Fiverr choice" gig?

Any one can share how fiverr select "Fiverr Choice " gig ??


I think they are hand-picked and selected manually.


Need to apply anywhere for fiverr choice ?

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No. @Sameed_webdev already answered your question on that. You don’t apply for it.

You could’ve also searched it instead of creating a new topic on something that’s been discussed many times, clogging the forum and breaking the community guidelines you should definitely read.

I think it’s also worth bringing up that when creating a forum posts, posts that may be similar to your topic are shown to you, so you could’ve clicked on any of those topics to make a message. It’s really quite inconsiderate and entitled of you to make a new topic on something that already has topics and disregard the rules that everyone in the forum are held to.

You should read them before further using the forum. Here you go!


What’s confusing is that the “fiverr choice” badge is random - just a few days ago I was refreshing the search results page, and on one refresh I had the badge, on the next refresh I didn’t have it anymore, the next refresh someone else had it, then back to me, and so on.

It was randomly placing itself - so I doubt it’s 100% hand-picked :wink:


I noticed when I had it that it jumped around from person to person too in the top three rows. It looked like three gigs were picked to rotate it among.

I’ve never seen or noticed a dynamic site like fiverr where things constantly change every time you refresh your browser.


@rubel_hasan why focus on that badge? Why not try to do your best to help clients in the best way possible?

A badge is just a badge. It can make a difference, but I have seen a lot of Fiver-people selling like crazy, because their offer is good.

Try to improve your gigs, yourself and your promotion. It will make you a better you. When the badge is gone, you would still be in the same situation when you started, so use time carefully.


@joeritan thanks, i always focused on my work, and my intention is provide quality work to my client.
I posted here just for know about fiverr choice.

@rubel_hasan great to hear. Since I don’t know you and I read a lot of people are in passive/waiting modus to get orders, this is a common thought pattern. But great to see you’re different and focusing on quality and service. Have a good business today!


They only leave that badge on a gig for about a week then it’s gone.


@misscrystal thanks for valuable info. But do you know when they provide this badge ?

@rubel_hasan I have a gig with rave reviews over many years so I assume it is for very popular outstanding gigs that make people happy. It is not something to strive for, aside from doing great work over a long period of time which you would do anyway.


@misscrystal ok thanks , clear now

perhaps they are new here and did not know? Lets be nice

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It’s not rude. It’s true. There is a giant search box right when one enters the forum, and the first thing one should read before participating somewhere is the rules (one is agreeing to the rules when they participate, so it’s smart to read them before starting).

This forum is clogged with people asking the same questions time and time again when a simple search could save everyone’s time and solve everyone’s problems.

OP broke community guidelines when they created this topic, so OP is in the wrong, not me for calling OP out on it.


Today while I was searching for online sellers, I have found my gig has Fiverr’s Choice badge at the top of the first page. But when the “online sellers” search option is off, the badge is gone, that means even the badge appears in some searching criteria.


You gain my inspiration, Thank you so much.