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How Fiverr selects feature sellers: CONFIRMED

Last complaint. I swear.

A TON of people just got featured in the articles & blog posts category. Like, at least 15 new featured people. Some appear on recommend page, some don’t.

Based on these new featured people, we can assume that this is the criteria:

  • Be a level 1 seller or barely scraping level 2.
  • Have less than 100 reviews. One of the featured gigs has a grand total of 2 reviews, not sold anything for a year. Valued at $220.
  • Register for Fiverr within the last 6 months.
  • Have the basic service valued at $10 or more. The average seems to be around the $25 mark, with most featured gigs being $50.

Half the ‘featured gigs’ aren’t even related to articles & blog posts. They vary from content marketing, business copywriting and editing. Zero thought seems to have gone into it.

Now, in my opinion, the featured sellers should be the ones with the best gigs, right? (not mine, don’t worry, I don’t deserve it). A nice little reward for service on the site and getting a ton of positive reviews. It should not be selected by dipping your hand into a hat and pulling out a bit of paper with a username on it.

Congratulations to the new featured sellers. Well done. Just seems odd that they are all new people with barely any reviews.


I am a new seller with barely any reviews :slight_smile: I would like a feature hehe

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Not to mention…

One of the “Featured” sellers with only :one::eight: reviews is using a fake profile photo and claims to be from the USA.

@ryangillam I’m usually very skeptical when it comes to “Confirmed” information but I can and WILL assure you that yes:

It’s a random selector that features gigs

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I have been working on Fiverr for almost 2 years now.
I have a 4.9 rating overall. I have completed 400+ orders with 330+ reviews.
My gig is placed on the 3rd line of the Avg. customer review.

Not once I got featured :slight_smile: I hope to get lucky some day. :smiley:
I think it will remain a mystery for me.
My gig is placed on the 3rd line of the Avg. customer review.


There are no featured sellers for your category.

There are no featured sellers right now, but I have seen many of them in the past.

I just poked around a bit and didn’t see very many categories with featured sellers right now, but the ones I saw did kind of match what you described. Interestingly, I opened a different browser where I was logged out of Fiverr and hadn’t been on lately and there were NO featured gigs. All I saw in all categories were TRS across the top row and a random structure beneath.

I couldn’t find “featured gigs” while logged in unless I just stumbled onto one by doing a bunch of varied searched in a handful of specific categories. The categories I did find them in were articles/blog, logos, photoshop, voiceover and perhaps a couple of others. That was true logged in and out. As far as I can tell, the featured gigs don’t mean much at this exact moment.


Trust me, the impression will be skyrocket once you got featured(I did) but the sale will not be that high as you might think. I not sure why I featured button got taken off :frowning:

When you are logged out of Fiverr, it does not show ‘recommended’, it sorts by average review instead :slight_smile: So, unless the featured gig has a high average review (which it unlikely does based on the fact every featured I see thus far has barely any reviews), they wouldn’t appear on that page.

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Yep, I have to agree that’s accurate. i tried it again but set it to “Recommended” manually and I did see some low-review and low-level gigs as featured. One thing that I wonder is about that “promoted gigs” thing they were doing. I haven’t seen the ''ad" mark on a gig in a while, but at the time that promo gig feature was being tested it would show a gig as featured but with a little “ad” watermark.

This makes me wonder if the ones that were unpaid featured have somehow lost their featured tag and the ones we are seeing as featured are really still under the promoted ads tag. I am just making general guesses, I have no real information on what is going on with this. If anyone sees my Moderator tag and thinks otherwise, I’m just a seller who volunteers on the forum.

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The “ads” were supposedly discontinued as far as I’m aware.

The ‘advertising’ feature was never applied to the writing category, as far as I am aware. The only people that were able to use it in other categories were those with incredibly high ratings and a lot of reviews. It didn’t seem to be for the ‘new’ user. My friend, who was in a category where advertising was, has over 800 reviews and 5-star, yet she was not offered the feature. I can’t see newer sellers being given the opportunity, but I could be wrong.

These are also new featured sellers. Only added within the past 2-3 hours, so I can’t see how they would be just a little bit of a glitch from the old gigs with advertising.

I wonder if anyone who is a buyer would be logged out and looking at fiverr.

I was looking at the home page earlier and was amazed at the newness and few reviews of the featured gigs. I always thought they were selected based on their merits and I think they used to be.

Beats me, I’m just theorizing. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if it could by a glitch, I would say more like switches being turned on and off to see what happens. That’s another entirely wild theory. If someone would give ME the switches, that would be nice. Well, nice for me.


By showing the top rated gigs, people would then think “hey, look how awesome this stuff is. I am going to register”. So, they click the gig and register.

I always thought they were based on merit too. My theory is that there are new category managers in, or they have been told to boost the amount of money categories make.

The problem is, these category managers are not doing things properly. They think sticking a $50 gig up as featured is going to make a ton of money of their category. In reality, those gigs will get few orders. Instead, they should stick up a $5 gig which will sell FAR more frequently and make more money for them.

Looks like it could have been a glitch. The featured gigs are now being removed. Rather than 4 at the top, there are now 3.

I think so, but it would just be certain people. I think Fiverr gets new traffic regularly so of course, there are people surfing without buyer accounts. That’s a fraction. There are others who probably log out automatically for security reasons and I would say that’s a higher number if they are not also sellers that are on daily. Those could be regular buyers who sometimes look for more services before they log in.

However, while I’m still guessing at stuff (like everyone in the thread as far as I know) my guess is that most regular buyers do look for services while they are logged in. The way featured looks to me right now, it could attract some clicks. I don’t know if it would really bring that many conversions once people started filtering for other factors. I wouldn’t automatically buy from someone in the featured row, but I’m used to doing homework before I buy from someone I haven’t worked with.

Yes although also they may be trying to teach people that this is now not just a $5 site, but it comes at a high price like you said since no one is buying those.

Maybe more switch toggling. :wink: I guess we will see.

I was trying to buy some services and it was a frustrating experience trying to filter out just with my eyes the new gigs from the old established ones.

Why can’t they sort them for us along the lines of number of positive reviews, in an orderly way? That reviews button does almost nothing as far as I can tell. Nor does the recommended one. They have some really lousy gigs in there. Gigs that don’t get sales for over a month are in there on the top. Are they forcing people to keep looking by doing that? lol

That is what I think. That is it disorderly for a reason, which may be to have people look at all the gigs and not just the most highly rated ones.