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How Fiverr Seller's level evaluation works?


Can any buddy let me know about the algorithm of Fiverr seller’s level evaluation process?
The date is changed in my region still i din’t got my level upgraded where I am eligible to get a level 1 seller badge.
Is their any one else who is eligible to the next level seller and they din’t got a new badge.


This will help you I guess.


If you Switch to Selling and then Analytics and scroll down you will see if your next evaluation period is April. The date is just above your screen shot. If not maybe it hasn’t happened yet.


Yeah i know that all @ch0wdhury and the screen shot that i uploaded is of my profile’s analytics


You may still get your next level badge as sometimes they do not appear until after the 15th. :wink:


@zulkif it looks like fiverr is working on their server maybe that’s why they missed it. Wait and see you still got some hours otherwise i’m sorry to say you’ve to wait for next evaluation…Hope for the best man.


Here is 16th now, and even 16 hours past of 16th May.


@ch0wdhury that would be insane if i have to wait for whole month again.


To be honest, even though your evaluation date may be the 15th, occasionally, it might take an extra one or two days to level up. I have heard people on the forum say that they only received their new level two days after their evaluation date.

So, I suggest that you wait for at least one more day and see if you get the badge by then.

Also, when was that screenshot (that you uploaded earlier) taken? Could it be that one of your stats fell below the threshold during evaluation. Please check if all your stats shown on the analytics page are still showing a green check mark beside them.


My evaluation date is the 15th but I got the notification on the 16th a few times, wait another day or two and if you still won’t get a notification then, contact support.


@hanshuber16 No my stats din’t dropped they are same.


@miiila Yeah i should contact the fiverr support after a day