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How Fiverr Sucks for BUYERS: Bad Communication Platform, lousy technical implementation

Recently trying to fill a very simple job, the limit on description meant that I spent more time responding to requests for clarification than it would have taken to do the job.

Then, when I tried to hire someone, fiverr. kept saying my card was declined and "Please try again."

I did, with the result my card was charged 3 times for one gig! So now I waste more time due to Fiverr’s incompetence, just to unwind overcharges, and the poor seller gets money jerked back from him, making me look questionable.

Then I spend another twenty minutes finding out where to get this fixed, as fivers help system is designed to obscure any direct contact. Only after refreshing and reloading the help screen numerous times did I see a “request” option.

What a loser!

Your Credit Card is an issue either with your CC company or Fiver which is most likely the former.

Given the $5 markdown I find it very difficult to see where you loose money since it falls under the minimum wage when a seller starts responding to you for your work. Work with people who have done proven gigs. Also hiring a professional agency or a freelancer is an option for the premium price which I don’t think you can afford.

I’ve had a few buyers tell me they were charged multiple times as well.

In a few cases I actually received multiple orders that were meant to be one. Other times Fiverr charged their credit card or Paypal multiple times and I only received one order. Either way, it’s something that needs to be fixed.

I’ve got a problem where a client gave me a $15 tip and, at the bottom of the page, it states I need to say Thank You… the only problem is that I don’t see where I was credited the $15.

I’m about to make a note of it to Fiverr CS and see what happened. I told my client to go back over his records to make sure it was removed… sigh! Gotta love Fiverr glitches!

Reply to @drewery: I didn’t follow your post at all…a return is a return no matter if it is $5 or $500. Returns can hurt sellers, unless they are mutual, no matter the amount of the service.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: I had the same issue with the tip feature. It took 4 days to get it resolved. CS kept trying to tell me the tip processed separately, which is the reason I wasn’t seeing it in my ‘pending clearance’ balance. That was false, and they later realized the mistake and added the balance to my pending clearance. Good luck, they should be able to fix it for you, just be prepared to wait.

Reply to @gingerwriter: Thanks for the heads up! :smiley: