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How fiverr warning works?

I got a warning for violation of delivery TOS !
How that works ? does 3 warnings are for life time or there is period of days like 30 or 60 ?

As far as I know it lasts 30 days in your analytics page… If you receive another one, you will be demoted to Level 1… like me. (The picture did not attach successfully when I delivered the order and therefor I was automatically demoted) Life…So be careful


oh! sorry to hear that! did you receive that both warning in same month?
They warned me to demote for next warning…
but by any chance if that happens to me next time after what amount of time that next warning will be considered as first one ?

Why worry about how many warnings and how often?

Please just stick to the ToS and deliver what’s been ordered and you’ll be fine - no more warnings. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, it was not the same month… I dont think time matter. Just do your best not to receive another one


Yes thats what I am doing :slight_smile:
some time we just break rules without knowledge! so just want to be sure :slight_smile:

oh ! Thats not goo.!
Thank you, I’ll take care.! :slight_smile:

Reading the site’s ToS helps with the “not knowing” part.


Read the rules, then, or you risk getting permanently banned. Not knowing the rules doesn’t work as an acceptable excuse.