How Fiverr's New Rules For Sellers Will Affect Buyers


In the old days, a lot of sellers didn’t mind giving a refund because losing money was better than losing reputation.

Those days are gone. Now sellers are expected a minimum of 4.8 rating and a minimum of 90% completion rate. What happens if we fail to live up to those standards? Who knows? Some might be demoted, others I don’t know.

What does this mean for buyers? It means some sellers are less likely to send you a custom offer, and if they do, they will ask you not to demand a refund if you don’t like the work.

So if you want to make sure that your seller works with you, these are your choices:

  1. Order without messaging
  2. Accept the seller’s no refund policy

Before anyone gets angry, just remember that we don’t make the rules, we only adapt to them.


Not just the reputation, but as consequence of trying not to lose this, the buyers were providing a better experience for the buyers.

Now we are to susceptible to our levels, being “forced” to deliver more, just to maintain our levels, and as consequence, probably delivering not too good orders as before.

IT’s not good to:

  1. Buyers, who are susceptible to get not so good deliveries because this new unfriendly “deliver more or get demoted” system.
  2. Sellers, we may get demoted for cancel some orders, or receiving bad reviews when these orders are delivered.
  3. Fiverr, for providing a bad experience for sellers, and buyers, who may never come back.

Nobody want to cancel an order. Cancellations used to be a tool to provide the best experience possible to the buyer, even if the order couldn’t be completed, now it’s just an creepy button which no seller want to use.


Right, buyers can forget about 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We may be punished with a bad review if we deliver or we’re punished if we refund. It’s lose-lose either way.


Happy there are others great sellers who don’t like the new system. I don’t like it but am wary of bringing up this subject because of the fear of being called a loser and so on by others. Ultimately lots of people will get demoted, lots of people will get promoted and they too will get demoted…lot of GREAT sellers will leave Fiverr. Not me, I’m gonna stick around, but there are going to be a lot of disappointed people.


Like I said in other posts, I like this new system, but not entirely. This time we can really control our performance, but it doesn’t mean this new system was properly thought before implemented.

As I see this, fiverr is caring more about getting more profits than about clients satisfaction (which bring more profits in a long term).

The overall quality of fiverr will drop for sure, with this new system ‘deliver more or get demoted’.


See, if it is over a lifetime, I would be fine with that. But since you are evaluated every 60 days, I don’t like it. Would you evaluate an employee over 10-20 years of their career when considering promoting or demoting them, or every 30 to 60 days? Miss a day, have a bad day, you are sick for a week, your 60-day rating goes to 4.7, or order completion goes to 89% and you are demoted. That means the 2500 5 star reviews in a row over 3-4 years don’t matter. Get one recent 3 star review and one 1 star review and you are demoted.


Why do you fear being called a loser?

You’re a winner! You have 35 Orders in Queue, 1374 positive reviews, 3 negative reviews.

You live your life your way, you could quit Fiverr tomorrow and be OK, if that’s not being a winner, I don’t know what is.


That’s only for one gig :slight_smile:

But you understand what I mean, the system puts you on a treadmill and expects you to constantly perform. One recent mistake and you are out.


100% precise.

that’s why, as I see, it would be better thought if it had an overall % at least.

this way like it is right now is the same to do a 4 question test, missing one and you get ZERO. and get demoted to the previous grade


Fiverr will lose profits if seller start quitting the platform. I can’t imagine how a level 2 would feel if he was demoted to level 1.

I knew a TRS who was demoted to level 2, but he was always late with his orders and he had gotten too many account warnings, so that’s understandable. Punishing sellers who deliver on time, who don’t get account warnings, is extremely unfair.


100% satisfaction guaranteed isn’t mentioned anywhere in TOS so why should buyers expect it? I’m sorry, but you don’t provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service by giving money back to buyers who don’t like your work. When you do that, you provide a 100% review manipulated service.

Fiverr TOS states that personal preference is not a justifiable reason to request cancellation. Much more importantly, if you’re saying you are going to struggle NOT to cancel 1 out of every 10 orders to avoid bad reviews, your biggest tip for buyers here is really: “Avoid Me When I Can’t Artificially Manipulate My Rank Anymore.”

I can’t believe I just read this actually. I’m against the new review system for bugs. You’re basically saying you’ve been canceling 1 in 10 orders for God knows how long to maintain your Five Star rating. - Don’t you realize that it’s because of actions like yours that this new system has been brought in?


exactly. Beside these start quitting, there will be more first-time buyers who will have their bad experiences, and will never build a relationship with fiverr.
ALSO, these level demotion will remove number of active gigs, number of multiple orders, number of extras, which will affect profits once again.
It’s so simple that I’m asking myself if fiverr thought those things or not.


If only they visited this forum and talked to real sellers like us, they would know. I guess that’s the way it is with any government or big company, not singling out Fiverr.


I’m sorry but no. Providing a refund, most of times is to provide the best possible satisfaction, even if it’s not delivering an order.

it’s better refunding a buyer than deliver a service that you “know” the buyer wont like.

in other words, this review manipulation is a good way to help buyers, or do you think that a new buyer would come back to fiverr if their first experience is a poor service?


No, doing that for 1 in 10 orders means you can’t deliver on what you say you can. I get people ordering the wrong thing and giving me no option but to agree to a cancellation. I never cancel a delivered order, though, because I stand by my work.

I’m compliant with TOS by doing that. If you’re not, your manipulating the review system and that’s why this new system is here.


I believe there will be a lot of consternation come the 14th, and if the stats were being counted today I would be demoted.
Overall, I like the idea as it will bring more prestige and value to the badges so that they actually mean something.

In the beginning, TRS was handed out to any slightly promising seller and I think that more recently it has been much stricter. This measure is going to hit some high profile people I am sure but it should then balance out over time.
Level 1 and Level 2 are basically meaningless titles at this point, aside from a nice target to have when you start. However, it takes just 2 months of initial effort to get to level 2 and unless you have some major cock-ups, you keep that badge forever.

How can a buyer use the badges to assess a seller when these are all it takes to get these badges?
A shake up is needed and although I dislike the idea of being demoted myself, I don’t think it would have a dramatic effect in the short term if I managed to balance my workload better in the few months afterwards.


Irrelevant. Each seller is free to offer whatever he wants in the gig description. Some offer satisfaction guaranteed, others do not. I stopped offering it because buyers were using it to demand refunds, and CS was telling me, "well, you did offer satisfaction guaranteed and your buyer isn’t satisfied.

I am not manipulating my rank. Do these reviews look like I manipulated anyone?

fastcopywriter reviews

Most of my clients like me, but because what I do is SUBJECTIVE, I can’t ensure that 100% or even 90% will like my work after I deliver.

Nobody knows why this system was brought in, and Fiverr is not telling us.

I’m tired of seeing good sellers attacked and accused of manipulating their ratings. We’re not manipulating anything. I have never asked a buyer to give me 5 stars, that’s up to the buyer. I only ask for a tip and remind the buyer that the order will be marked as complete in 3 days. A clever way of saying “demand a revision before it’s too late” without using those words.


What? Seriously? I’m not arguing about this. This is ridiculous.


When I buy, I only look at the portfolio samples. Everything else is irrelevant to me. If I need a menacing dragon, all I have to do is CTRL-click several gigs until I find the artists that designs the way I like.

For other gigs, it’s about reviews and gig descriptions. The badges are great, but a top row level 2 will make more money than a 5th row TRS. Where you appear on the search results is extremely important to get orders.


Yes, but when the new system comes in, you will be able to use the badges as part of the process. Someone with 500 reviews but is Level 0? Hmmm, they may be late or cancel a lot - not the person to use on this time sensitive job then.
As time has passed on Fiverr, the price I am prepared to spend and charge in one go has considerably increased where $100 orders are not unusual for me to place or receive. Fiverr is growing up and we all need to too, these harsh measures are likely to combat abuses of the system by some sellers - just like when they removed the option to cancel to remove bad reviews.

If I need a seller to buy from as part of a larger project, then I want some evidence that they are going to deliver on time and not cancel at the last minute which will delay the whole thing. This happens quite often and while in general, I have no issue with lateness as I allow plenty of time, a last minute cancellation is extremely frustrating. Those people should not be at the same level as those who deliver on time and dont cancel, regardless of what their history on the platform is.
If they can’t handle the workload, they need to extend delivery times, introduce limits on orders etc - the tools are there and people need to use them. Sure, there will be exceptions which are unfair such as the “ordered by mistake” people but they are a minority.

Position in search is important but so are repeat clients and a whole host of other things.