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How Fiverr's Search Algorithm Works

  1. Get Your First Order ASAP.
  2. Do Proper On-Page SEO of your Gig. Add keywords to Gig Title. Add the right Keywords to Tags. …
  3. Make trustworthy clients.
  4. Increase your conversion rate.
  5. Have a good Average Selling Rate.
  6. Stay online.
  7. Become a Higher Level Seller.
  8. Promote your Gigs on Social Media.

All of this from a seller who has been here since November 2019 and has only generated 4 reviews.


These “tips” are nothing new, insightful or awe inspiring, and in fact, #6 is WRONG!

Just STOP already.



Could you explain why 6 is wrong? I have explained numerous times that it’s not with examples.

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Because if you are online but don’t write back to the customer, your average response time will drop quickly…
but the plus point is that you are listed as an online seller!
however, you shouldn’t try hard to be online when you can’t write back …
Good luck!

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The problem with #6 is how realistic it is.

Pretty sure I’ve seen this user promoting the idea that you should stay online 24/7. You can’t do that without using an auto refresher, which can end with the seller getting warned or banned.


Oh ok, with those “ifs”, of course, it can backfire. With the same logic do not even be online ever, if you can’t maintain a healthy response time.

On the other hand, I keep seeing old & experienced (?) sellers mercilessly insisting that is wrong, that it has no impact and that alone is suspicious to me on many levels. Why?

A) First of all, staying online is a filter by Fiverr as you wrote @kapiks - Since this is a freelancing platform providing on-demand services for the lean entrepreneur, buyers may search at any time using the “online” option because they want someone who is online. If you keep staying offline you exclude yourself from this filter. They might still contact you or ask a quote or a custom offer but you know what they say about the early bird and staying online and responsive is key here.

B) Not all services and gigs are the same. There are gigs and services that demand staying online, like VA, like forex, etc. So if you are offline:

You are not available to markets opening different hours from your time zone. For example, I will re-write it many times because it is true and I believe truth should be shared many times for people to know. My American clients appreciate a lot the fact that I stay online and I’m available and responsive hours that I should be sleeping. This is what they pay me for very very well.

As a result: Yes, staying online has an impact and works.

Bonus: Read here why Levels do matter:

Read here why and how forum participation works:


I agree with you that staying online helps but you shouldn’t overdo it either.
I will also read the articles you sent me, they probably contain valuable information!
good luck with further orders!


Objectively yes, staying online does help. I didn’t say otherwise.

If you want to risk your account, go for it, but don’t go around recommending people do it without telling them the risks. Have fun gaming the system I suppose.


You only risk your account if you stay online using ways that violate ToS.

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Ah nice, again with this ridiculous image.

You do you.


Well since you don’t like the image, I’ll visualize it for you:

Fiverr - In doers we trust

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Got no interest in watching that.

There’s a reason you got ridiculed last time you posted that. If you can’t see that it’s a harmful message, I don’t know what else to say.

Try parroting something that isn’t 4 years old next time.


Ok, it is there for you if you regain your interest.

Isn’t this called invocation of authority? If it works for me, do I care if it’s 4 years old? The fact that it is 4 years old and is suggested by Fiverr means more to me than just another opinion @markhallva

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If it works for me, do I care if it’s 4 years old?

Which is why I said…

You do you

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Some proof to prove that you don’t need to stay online to get orders:

This morning at 3am (when I was obviously sleeping and offline), I received a new order from a new buyer.

This morning at 5am (when I was still sleeping and offline), I received a new order from a new buyer.

Throughout the night, I got a total of 4 new messages from new buyers too.



and few extra characters for the post.

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thank you share your knowledge

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Thanks for the information!

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