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How flexible are your working hours at Fiverr?

can share me your experience


Everyone will have a different story to tell. However, for good mental health you should definitely try to maintain regular work hours, and not work different hours on different days, and certainly not work continuously without a break for anymore than a couple of hours at a time.

For example, Fiverr is a part time business for me. I try to do no more than two hours a day after breakfast as I have other work commitments as well.

The very worst thing you can do, and unfortunately we see this reported in the forums sometimes, is work through the night to try and please a client. Its really not worth messing with you sleep pattern or health.


I work throughout the day. I usually have around 4 orders due per day these days so I record first thing in the morning, edit and deliver before noon, and then respond to messages throughout the rest of the day. I probably spend about 4 hours doing Fiverr related stuff in total each day, 7 days a week unless I’m on holiday.

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Right now Fiverr is full time job for me so I basically work throughout the day. I have Fiverr App on my mobile so I respond to message as soon as I see it. The only problem is time difference I live in India and all of my clients are from European and North American countries. Day in USA is night time in India and vice-versa. I will deliver work within one day and constantly updates the progress of the work if client needs it. Some clients need 2 or 3 re-edits to achieve the exact look they’re going for. But I love the process and all of my clients have been nice and generous enough to leave a good tip even though I don’t ask for it.

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Why not!
Reply in the comment box what kind of experience you want to know?

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