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How Freelancing Changed Life Paths

So today, 24th of June, marks my one year anniversary being a freelancer. There’s nothing really to celebrate but I just thought to write a friendly thread perhaps someone will benefit from it. :blush: I also like to get back to these kinds of threads a year later and see how things have changed. So if you’re here for some useful tips, this is a story-type thread that does not include tips on how to make sales neither it discuss an important topic. This is my story on how freelancing has changed my life path…It sounds cliché but it really did! (100% legit, no scam, no irresponsible buyers cancelling orders for unreasonable reasons! :roll_eyes:)

Back before I know about freelancing, I was that kind of guy who sees freelancing as something unrealistic. I had a dumb thought in mind that if it’s that easy to work from home, then why there are still homeless people? Alright, I was 13 at that time so what would you expect from a 13 year old. I never actually thought that freelancing was something that normal people are going to succeed at. I just thought about it as a platform for giant monsters that are always ahead of others in everything. It’s a platform which includes hundreds of Mark Zuckerbergs ready to demolish you by their non compete IQ. Alright, I might have exaggerated a little bit. But really, it was that place where cool guys hangout. Try to get near that place, and you’re done.

My first encounter with freelancing was when things got really difficult around me. I was forced to leave my school due to financial issues & sign up with another, less costy one & probably, less in the educational quality. Honestly, it was a horrible experience by all means. Unfortunately, there was nothing in hand to do. I wasn’t eligible to work for my age & despite that I had the enthusiasm to work to get the situation a little better, I was unable to do that just because I wasn’t in the “right” age, yet. Luckily, I didn’t pass any of the tests that you have to take to be accepted to that school. So I thankfully had to stay at my school (Sometimes being dumb could save a situation. :laughing:) But we really had to cut down in expenses in other aspects so we could be able to cover the educational fees.

Having to run through this experience & many similar ones made me really eager to take a move and make sure that such an experience won’t happen again in the future. It really did affect me. And as much as I hate to rethink about it, but having to run through this experience was one of the reasons why I’m successful today…Or, am I? :sob:

Today, after working as a freelance web designer for a year, I could confirm that I’m able to cover my educational fees by myself. And for someone who still didn’t reach the “right” age to work yet, it’s such a great feeling to be able to have your own money. So when things get difficult again, you’re able to do something about it.

If you’ve made it till here, thank you so much for reading my story. :hearts: I honestly get bored of long threads so hope mine wasn’t that boring. I also wanted to share something positive that perhaps will boost someone up at this difficult time we’re currently facing on Fiverr from negativity.

Anyway, have a nice Sunday! :sunny:


Gosh a year already Youssef - you’ll soon be as old as me! :wink::sunny:

It really is,and I’m so glad you’ve done well from it.

Thank you for sharing your story with us all, and all the very best for the future - it’s going to be spectacular I’m sure! :slightly_smiling_face:


If this means I’ll be as wise & generous as you, then I’m in! :relieved:

What I have also noticed in my year being a freelancer at Fiverr is that you, Lora, you’re someone who cares about others and your :heart: has no place for hate. You share love & really make people’s days better just like you made mine!

I’m so grateful for the connections I have made here on the forum. :sunflower:


Wow, Youssef, we have both been on Fiverr about the same time. I joined on June 15. We should have a party together! :balloon: :tada: :pizza: :cup_with_straw::birthday:

I want to finish my Saturday first! But you go ahead and enjoy your Sunday. :sunglasses:

I am so happy that I met you on Fiverr! :hugs:



I’ll keep this message short~n~sweet. You know I write long novels LOLz. :grin:
You are a breath of fresh air. I’m very, very proud of you and your achievements.
You are a ray of light that keeps on shining brightly.
You are matured beyond your years.
If I had a younger brother, I’d hope he was just like you.
Your story is very touching and inspiring. :heart_eyes:

I’m thrilled that we’ve crossed path on this forum. I cannot wait to see your growth in the months/years to come.

واصل الله أن يبارككم. :heart: :hugs:


Eh, yes there is!

This is a huge achievement whether you want to boast about it or not, I am going to make you!
Anyway, congrats and been really good getting to know you over the past year - I know many of the forum people feel the same way!


IMO, this is the most quintessentially “Fiverr story” I have read in a very long time.
Need, Work, Do.

I really like your story, it is a positive one. I hope your next year on Fiverr will be an exceptional one.


Sometimes I want to think your age is a lie, that you are much older than you let on, and that you simply pride yourself in being young. Yes, that is how mature your posts and comments come across to me. I’m not sure we’ve “met”, but I sure have been following your story from the very beginning. And it’s been marvelous. No, you may not yet be rich, but you are wealthy… You have a truckload of wealth in your mind that drives you to work hard and push beyond your limiting circumstances. And that makes you wealthier than you can imagine.

Keep up the good work, my unseen friend!


This is indeed a huge achievement. I didn’t start realizing a reasonable level of income until the end of my second year freelancing. Well done. Now you just need to strive to add value and raise prices while lowering your overall order volume.

I used to think that I should try and score more orders to raise my income level. I was wrong. It’s all about adding value to the services you offer already, doing that in a different way to everyone else, and increasing prices accordingly. When you do that, your work quality increases in tandem with your earnings and the quality of your clients. (Though there are quite dramatic exeptions to the latter rule.) :slight_smile:


Hey Vickie, what a coincidence! :smile: Let’s party then! :balloon::balloon:

I wanted to post this thread at 12Am on Sunday. But I didn’t manage to be that fast and therefore, I had to post it at 12:30Am. So I just woke up and this is really putting a smile on my face to read what you guys wrote. Thank you!

Nika, that’s so stunning! Thank you. I honestly don’t know what to say but you’ve said it all. :smile: I truly love our back & forth conversations that we keep having. I’ve learned from them a lot & gained some cool vocab words to use! :wink: Thank You :hearts:

Eoin, thank you so much for always helping me out in my 1 year. I’ve said it before many times and I’ll say it again, you’re someone who really makes an impact to others & influence them. I really like to talk with you about business topics and these related ones. Our discussions made look at things from another perspectives & from a longer range.

Man, you’re really good at boosting other people up! Thank you so much for the nice words, I’m really glad that this thread made me meet you today. If you ever feel like chatting, let’s chat!

Hey Andy! Thank you for the words, man. I actually have a plan ready for the second year. I’m adding a lot of services related to design. Hope things go as planned!

PS: I’m really a big fan of your forum threads…Just in case I haven’t said that before. :smile:


Thank you for your kind words.

That said, if you really felt like this, you could perhaps think about starting some kind of paid membership based fan club? Then forward me the hard cash every Friday. (You could keep 20% for yourself, of course.)

No pressure. It’s just an idea. :wink:


Awesome story, very inspiring, glad I came across it I needed some inspiration thank you and God Bless.


Your story is very heart touching and inspiring too.


Seems like the situation at Fiverr isn’t the best atm, isn’t it? :grin: Well, if this means you’ll hail us with your sense of humor and your entertaining threads for the next year, i’m in!


Aww, I just read what you wrote. The feeling is mutual! :wink:

Careful, @cyaxrex is a handful, in fact more than a handful. :grin:

Well, he adds a certain flair that I dig. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m off to eat breakfast, a yummy mushroom, and spinach omelette w/fresh fruits. :coffee: :yum:


Go ahead youssefkamel :+1:

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Well done youssefkamel, keep up the good work your an inspiration!!

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Its touching… and sweet… May God bless you and shower his
endless mercy on you and help you in ways unimagined…
You are brave… and remember … fortune smiles at the brave!
all the best … son!

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Thank you guys for the sweet comments, I truly appreciate it!