How get customers to favorite my Gigs



I need your expertise , if you can help me approve my Gigs by increasing the number of “favorite”, knowing that I realize many sales, but the number of customers who click on “Add to Favorite” remains minimal.

Best regards


Buyers only add your gigs to their favourites if they find them interesting and may want to buy them in the future.

Having your gigs favourited won’t do anything for your sales etc. - it’s only a tool for buyers. :slightly_smiling_face:


We have no control over the success of your gigs.

Like @offlinehelpers said, favorites have absolutely nothing to do with the success of your gig. Favorites are merely bookmarks (like how you bookmark a page on the internet that you want to go back to later). Don’t concern yourself with how many favorites your gig has. It means little to nothing in regards to how well that gig does on Fiverr.


Thank you So Much, I appreciate your support.


Ask them to in the gig description. Folks don’t automatically know what you as a seller want them to do. A call to action works.