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How get i my first order?

I am working on fiverr above 2 month but i have no order now please anyone guide me because i am worry about this i follow all the rule of fiverr then i have no order.I have very clicks views and impression but…

Do you realize that you don’t have any gigs??


Yes, You are correct.

I think the seller is not aware that there are no gigs displayed on the profile.

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@logo_exprt You look familiar… Did you use to go by the name Grandmaa or something to that effect?


Hi, i’m new on fiverr same problem with me. please guide me how i can improve gig?

How i can get order?


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@fahad_hussain98 You need to create your own topic here.
Don’t hijack instead be polite!


can you help me how i can write good Gig description? nikavoice

yoiu need to create your on topic here create new topic gig

You can hire a person here at Fiverr
There are a good number of people who offer gig description gigs.


But this is buyer account i made seller account and i am from pakistan

who is cs.But i can for this

Sir my account name is logo_exprt but his account name is logo_exprt’s

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Something is difference

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Sorry - it’s one of those forum things - this is your account: logo_exprt_


As @zeus777 suggested hire a seller. A simple search on should yield results in finding the perfect seller to write your gig description.

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Take another look @offlinehelpers is not a “sir”.

Btw~ Did you use to go by the name grandmaa or something like that? The reason I’m asking is the photo looks very familiar, I’m just not sure if it’s you or not.


Its my sister account,

And you’re both using the same picture, possibly of someone who is neither you nor your sister?


Your “sister”? :wink:

Oh, OK! :ok_hand:t4:

Um, Jon! It’s very possible, identical twins.