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How get my first order?

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Asking for favors will not help you grow your business. It won’t lead to more sales.

Make gigs and requests based on value and merit, not favors.

If you want orders don’t create gigs that have zero differentiation and don’t call people Dear in your gigs. There are many thousands of logo gigs on Fiverr. We should choose yours just because you asked us to? No.


Are my gigs perfect?

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There is no such thing as a “perfect gig”. Even the best sellers are changing and updating their services to match the needs of their clients, and the changes in their market.

it is also worth noting that we cannot make your gig perfect. Instead of asking for us, here on the forums, to get you your first order, how about taking some time to study your target customers, learn their needs, and develop a strategy that matches your services to those needs. You are a freelancer. YOU are responsible for connecting yourself to your market, and appealing to your target customers. We are not going to do that for you.

Are your gigs perfect? No. What you need to be asking yourself is, “do I have what my target customers need?” Start there, and then you will be able to start building a good, strong, marketable gig.


Ok thank you jonbaas.

It would help if you read this:


I wouldn’t have written that if they were “perfect.”

A little humility and reality wouldn’t go amiss.

I’d love to hear where you have seen a logo with the quality in your logo gig.

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“Isn’t it” what???

Ok. I need my first order soon …

“Ok” what? You won’t get sales if people don’t know you are talking about. Improve your English.