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How get new order?

Hello everybody! I am new seller on fiverr. How can I get order from fiverr. can anyone give me a suggestion??


I can suggest you -

  1. Try to active 24 hours and try to reply min 10 buyer requests

  2. Do accurate gig seo and marketing in social media. Be active in Fiverr Forum to learn new things.

3.Keep Patient and Grow skills to be stable in marketplace.

Best wishes :heart:


thanks for your important suggestion :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hello Baten
These videos will be very useful for you :point_down:

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Thanks for your suggestion

create attractive gig images


TRY active 24 hours.
Gig marketing properly
Fast communication If any buyer knock you.
Don’t hesitate to question your buyer.
Be patience

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Online more.
Be patience.
searched good keyword and put on your gigs.
share on social media.

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thanks for your tips:heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart:

thank you so much apu :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Send more and more buyer request and get much order

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thank you so much brother :heart:

Try to stay active 15+ hours a day and send 10 buyer requests every day, I think you will get the order very soon inshallah

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in sha Allah,thanks vai :heart:

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May Allah bless you.Thank you