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How get order every day


I have 5 gigs but I did not get any order.But this is for why?Please give me some tips and how get order


promote your gigs on social media, and be patient. Send requests to buyers everyday.


i will do social media marketing


What are you doing on social media? Do you know anyone who would go to Facebook to look for a WordPress developer?

You’ve added ***************** । to your portfolio.
So you’re working for the agency Cultura Interactive?

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thank your and great sulation :grinning:


Thank you for what?
If you didn’t create that site then remove it from your portfolio or your gig will be flagged


Use Social Media Share
Always delivers More Than What Your Gig says
Client Satisfaction is Most important thing
Always add a Video to your Gig , As It Increase Your Sales by 220%


Promote your gigs , share it on Social Media and the one most important Client Satisfaction.


You can send daily custom offers for the buyers requests


How’s say that it increases the sales.




Just promote yur gig.