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How get service fee refunded?


So I bought something and the guy cancelled because he wasn’t able to do it. I’ve been refunded the cost of the gig but not the service fee. I don’t think it’s fair that I don’t get that back when the seller is the one that cancelled it. How do I got about getting that money back?

Thank you.


If you check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page all the rules including service fees are explained in detail.


Found, thank you.

This now makes me not want to buy anything off Fiverr now because what if the next seller cancels and once again I lose money? This is a joke. The seller should be charged not the buyer. (Or whom ever cancelled the transaction.) EDIT: But of course I now have no choice as the money hasn’t been refunded, it’s been added as ‘credit’. This site is a bit of a joke.

Lots of sellers are also very unhappy about the additional fees. I’ve heard buyers are now leaving fewer tips because of them.

If you message Fiverr, they might refund your money back to your card/PayPal account. It’s at their discretion to do so, but it happens quite frequently.

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Thank you for the suggestion - I will try that.

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Hi, I am not too active at forum but I will try to answer about it. So, to let you know that seller also has been charged. Both of the Buyer and the Seller here are charged for an order.