How getting order on fiverr


hi… there am a professional web developer i make 2 gigs all gig are great description… but no order get .please anyone help …about getting an order of web developement please help


wait and see… keep patience… and do gig marketing in your social media everyday…


Do marketing your gig into social media


Most of us come Php buyers request But I,m a front web developer not bakend . I want I get more front-end buyesrs requests please help…


Your should set your skill just front end part. If you setup your skill like php and create your gig on back end part you will get buyer request in back end. So, if you already do that plz remove it and setup front end skill (html, html5, css, css3, javascript, jquery, psd to html, angular js, bootstrap and so on). Then you will find just front end buyer request. and if you want to more and more buyer request you should do gig marketing in your social media.


thanku so muxh bro :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


What are you expert at?


I,m expert in front end web developer make fully Responsive Website…


html,css and what more, if js and jquery, what frameworks do you know?