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How Gig Getting Rank Now a Days Amazing Observation

Hey, Fiverr’s respectable sellers hope you all will be fine.
According to my graphic’s domain experience now a days Fiverr getting rank those gigs on top who have under (100 reviews) on their gig or their basic packages are above $15. May be I am wrong.
P.s ( If i am right than this is hidden tip for sellers, If i am wrong than seniors or TRS kindly correct me)
Kindly seniors sellers or TRS correct me or give me your suggestions.
Kind regards


I pay no attention any more to how gigs are ranked. There is nothing that I can see that is a pattern to it. It seems random.


So now how we can get more and more orders if we have 2000+ positive reviews on profile ?
according to you!

I have no idea. I wish I did.

Don’t focus so much on ranking your gigs, instead focus on creating a better and wider portfolio. The sales will follow.


Suppose if your gig is not ranked in first 2 pages so you can get huge # of orders?
Is that possible ?
If you talk about me my self when i ranked on one page on top i get maximum Number of order so what would you say?

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Thanks @misscrystal for your kind words


What do you think made your rankings dropped from page 1?

I changed some changes that is why, May be according to Fiverr editors my changes was not positive.

If you change things now on your gigs they drop in rankings for some reason.

The Fiverr editors are also nowadays checking personally whether the seller is really who she says she is and several other factors.

How do they do that? How do you know that?

There are millions of sellers. Most use a name that is not their real name. How do they check?

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What reasons could be there?

I have no idea.

Not sure why but I think it’s the “Available Now” feature which puts sellers with the feature turned on on the list of the first 2 pages. I haven’t figured this feature out yet so not exactly sure.

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I now do not care If my gigs ranked or not, I got tons of Buyers Requests everyday, so I get my orders through It

You got tons of buyer request everyday what you mean? can you elaborate