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How Gig ranking works?


I was on recommended first page and Growing in the first week of January. But Suddenly the second week My gig started going down rapidly. Within 3 days It’s gone down to 7th page.
I don’t now how actually gig ranking works.
I’ve done a slight edit of my gig. After the editing process it’s started to going down.
Can anyone explain?


That’s the reason :point_up: After editing your gig it might loose its ranking for some time but it’s usually coming back to normal over few weeks.


Thanks for the info. But I’ve changed my gigs several times before. I didn’t face any problem like that before. This is the first time. That’s why a bit confused.


I believe (my opinion) there’s a bit of random shuffling to the process with Fiverr’s gig ranking algorithm.
I can relate with your experience because My best selling gig was also on the first page of the recommended list (and second page of best selling) around November. Enter December and I began to notice a gradual decline in the gig ranking and, consequently, impressions, views and clicks. It dropped from the first page on the recommended list to the fourth (and totally disappeared from the best selling list). In a bid to arrest this downward spiral, I tweaked the gig a little but it only worsened the situation.
Recently, it picked up and I actually monitored it. A few days ago, it was on page 7, 6 the next day and then 5. But suddenly it disaaperead altogether, only to reappear on page 11 (where it currently sits) the following day. I constantly promote my gig on social media sites, connect with and redirect buyers from outside Fiverr to my gig.
My advise would be to keep promoting your gig regardless of its current ranking, and when the system feels it’s time for you to get more exposure in the site, take advantage and make the most of it.


I thought the same. fiverr Got so many updates.