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How good is it to be a level 2 seller?


I just got promoted to level two seller (within 45 days of my work in Fiverr, cool)

Anyway, so I was wondering if this level really makes a huge difference. When I was promoted to level 1, I barely noticed the difference it terms of sales volume, but at least the sale were constant.

I am wondering if I can see more sales with the level 2 badge.

Thank you

First Congrats on level 2.

This is both a yes and no answer to your question. Level 2 opens more options and extras which allows for making more money witch is always great.

As for buyers Its hard to tell honestly if it made a difference for me. Though I will say this month is a off to a great start compared to Last month. and January tbh.

I guess depending on what gigs folks pursue they may prefer level 2 and TRS sellers.

It would definitely help in one way or the other. however i did not see your badge. Lol

Congratulations shantanua!

by your reviews, it seems you are doing a good job on Fiverr.

It is always good to be promoted. Since you ask, my tips are

  • although you are now able to ask for more money, keep your prices low and your services high. That will make a difference!

  • be good and friendly at customer service and communication so that you can get repeat buyers and nice reviews. I think what counts most is the 5 star reviews.

    This is my experience on Fiverr. I still have not made tons of dollars others make but I do enjoy the interaction with lovely people every single day. I am happy whenever someone leaves my place happier. It is not all about money, I believe.

    Most of all enjoy your work and don’t get too tired. There is still life away from the computers :slight_smile:

    all the best!


Congratulations! You’re obviously doing a great job. I definitely started seeing even more consistent business when I got to Level 2, and my average selling price started going up quite a lot. Buyers started placing much larger orders with me, and that has amounted to great earnings. I hope you’ll see the same!

Congratulations. Personally, it has made a huge difference. I have only been Level 2 for a couple of months, and I have made over $1,000 each month. I could easily make $2,000 per month, but I get too busy. I could do all the work if I started at 5 am every morning, took breaks for meals, and worked until 11pm. But I don’t like that pace. So, good luck to you! It is what you make it.

Congrats @shantanua… Really happy to see you achieve level 2. Best wishes for future.

Thank You