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How Good Is Requests System Of Fiverr?

I have opened 2 requests on August 05, 2020, 11:37 - 11:42. So, as usual, Fiverr Bot give me a message that stated that "Due to the high demand, the current response times may extend up to 10 business days.
Now I Rate 3/10 To Requests System of Fiverr Because It’s a whole month but they didn’t respond back

Let me know your Experience in Requests System Of Fiverr

It’s going to take longer than usual since a good bit of businesses have their employees working remotely. To top it off, they are also dealing with a backlog of support requests. It’s best to wait it out and continue on working as it’s going to be a while before they’re able to respond to anybody’s request for the time being.

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This period is really difficult for all of us - for buyers, sellers and for CS team, so now we all just have to be patient and wait as much as needed.

My own experience with Fiverr CS tells, that they are great and very professional, but they get hundreds or even thousands of requests every second, and also now the world is still working remotely, so yes - all the processes takes more time. We just have to wait until the situation will back to normal

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